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Feb 27, 2010 06:29 PM

Stick with Dino's - don't bother with Antonio's Royal Pizzeria in South Etobicoke

What used to be called simply Royal Pizzeria has recently come under new ownership and is now called Antonio's Royal Pizzeria:

Well, we decided to order from them tonight, and it was not good.

They delivered the antipasto misto on top of the pasta, so the "cold" antipasto was actually cooked by the time we received it. The cheese (I believe it was Provolone) was melted, the soppresata and low-grade prosciutto were cooked, greasy, and translucent. The spaghetti was overcooked and had absorbed what little flavorless tomato sauce they had put on it. The pizza suffered from thick, overly-sweet dough, and an over-all resemblance to a low-grade frozen pizza. Royal Pizzeria delivered what was easily the worst delivery food we have received in a long time. Never again.

If my review bears some resemblance to that of Cheddarcheese's, it's because we wrote this together... ;)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Wow. I guess they were having problems about 2 years ago? Not sure, but my wife and I ordered delivery from there 2 nights ago. Pizza was FANTASTIC! So delicious. The tomato sauce was thick and tasty. I'm not sure where the last person gets frozen pizza, but this was FRESH! The Anti-pasto Misto came in a separate bag, and was delicious. Didn't try the spaghetti, but I had the pescatore sauce and it was delicious. The seafood tasted very fresh. Very happy with this place, will be ordering from them again.