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Feb 27, 2010 06:23 PM

Restaurante Chiki Jai

A Tijuana institution.Go to:

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  1. Hi Jan. Thank you for this rec. We were in TJ yesterday (Easter) and four of us ate at Chiki Jai (yes, we were there when the earthquake hit!). Service was phenomenal and the food even better. They brought us a basket of bread with the slice of blue cheese. And a small bowl with fantastic green salsa (I want this recipe if anyone knows it!!). My mom was in heaven since she had the cheese all to herself!! We ordered a pitcher of Sangria for the table. This was pretty good, but I have had better (altho definitely good and drinkable). Of course, I did not pay attention to the names of all the items ordered, but I can describe them: mom ordered the paella which was very good - crab, meat, mussels, etc, she deemed it fantastic. Friend #1 ordered the breaded fish which had a tasty and kind of coarse (coarse cornmeal?) breading. Really good. Friend #2 had the chicken breasts in some kind of sauce - maybe garlic or white wine? (he asked for lemon and proceeded to squirt that on). It was very good as well. I ordered the Fish V_____ it was fish (seemed to be lightly breaded with flour) in a tomato/green olive sauce. A little sweet, but became perfect when I added some of the salsa. We all (except the paella orderer) got a delicious chickpea soup and a side of delicious yellow (saffron?) rice with our meals. It was SO GOOD!! Came to $53 US before $10 tip. Definitely a great deal and really easy to find!! Go Go GO!!!! ;-)

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      I am so glad that you and your family had a good time at Chiki Jai, I just wish that I could have been there with you. Your Mom rocks!