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Feb 27, 2010 05:21 PM

Is Miami a top 5 foodie's city in the U.S.? [moved from Miami board]

I think it gets #5 on my list although I haven't done extensive touring of the U.S. food scene.

I'd say the list goes:

1) New York City (no question)
2) Chicago
3) San Francisco
4) Los Angeles
5) Miami

Honorable Mention: Las Vegas, Washington D.C...maybe Boston? Never been to Portland but I've heard it's good.

Anyone disagree/agree?

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    1. Make your case. Why should Miami rank up in the Stratosphere?

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      1. re: bbqboy

        I'm not saying for certain that it's a top 5 food city. I'm only trying to get people's opinions. I haven't eaten in plenty of cities across the nation..

        But since you asked, several top restauranteurs are moving down to Miami...Michael Psilakis, Daniel Boulud, Scott Conant, Alan Yau, etc

        Plus it's got its locals like Michy's, Michaels and Joe's

        In addition, it has some of the great ethnic food. Cuban, Haitian, Argentinian, etc

        What would be your rankings bbqboy?

        1. Deb and I like the food in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We were in Miami a few weeks ago and had good meals at Sra Martinez, Michael's Genuine and Scarpetta. I wouldn't put Miami ahead of New Orleans.