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ISO Lard

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Anyone know where I might be able to purchase rendered lard,In large quantities?
I recently been cooking with lard and realized its makes anything cooked in it taste

thanks in advance.

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  1. I did purchase it rendered once from Fresh From the Farm (www.freshfromthefarm.ca), so you could contact them to see if they have it. Most recently, I purchased lard from Cumbrae's, but it definitely wasn't rendered. You could call them, though, to see if they had a rendered option....

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      Oh gosh, I was away for a few days, but my error was stewing in my mind all the while. It was not lard I purchased but suet. Sorry!!! Hope I didn't misdirect you.

    2. I've seen multiple large (like around 1L) tubs of lard at the No Frills at Dundas W and Lansdowne. They seemed to have regular and some kind of red, spiced variety.

        1. I agree that Lard is the way to go - makes my fried chicken lighter/crispier - I bought mine at Cumbrae's - it was Berkshire Pork Lard....

          1. Does anyone have experience with Maple Leaf lard, in the 1 lb $3 bricks?
            It is non hydrogenated and sold at room temperature.
            I used it for pan fried chicken and chips, and it was fine.
            No piggy odor, like home rendered lard. I guess they filter it.

            1. Mexican stores tend to carry tubs of rendered lard for a very good price (Perola's in Kensington, for example). I've also bought it at Healthy Butcher and at Wychwood Barns market.

              The Healthy Butcher
              565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA