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Feb 27, 2010 04:05 PM

Lookin' for Romance

Next week I will meet a woman from Boston for the first time in Atlanta. We met online, have Skyped and emailed well enough that we are ready to meet face-to-face, and our first meal together will be Wednesday dinner. I would like to find a QUIET restaurant, not overly expensive, where we can talk easily and get to know each other better. If someone can steer us to a quiet place, we will provide the romance. Candles would be nice. Thanks.


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  1. Where? Atlanta is pretty big and you can drive for literally miles upon miles (like for an hour or more) from one end to the other and not run out of places to visit.

    Downtown? Suburbs?

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      Location would be helpful.
      Do restaurants still have candles on tables?

    2. I'll assume you're in or near Midtown, where many of the hotels are.
      My recommendation would be Rosebud, at 1397 N. Highland Ave. It can be noisy on the weekend, but you should be fine on a Wednesday night before 9 pm. Know that they are good about substitutions for vegetarians, people with celiac, etc., and have a strong wine list.
      My other suggestion is Nan-Thai Fine Dining, at 1350 Spring St. N.W. My partner (life) had a five-hour dinner there with her future partner (business) and could hear every word.
      And good luck! Our five-year relationship started out long distance, too.