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Feb 27, 2010 03:32 PM

Irish Breakfast in Center City

The Bard's near 20th on Walnut used to have the most authentic/best Irish Breakfast in the city. At least that's what my Irish friends claimed. I loved it.

Alas, even though they still have the best Guinness in the city, they no longer serve that delicious medley of over-easy eggs, baked beans, bangers, rashers, b&w pudding and soda bread.

I've had the Irish Breakfast at Fadó; not nearly as good.

Philly Chow, where can I find an awesome authentic Irish breakfast in Center City?

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  1. OK - I'm no authority on Irish breakfast, so I don't know how good it is, but Ida Mae's in Fishtown (see link below) serves an Irish breakfast.

    Alternately (and oddly) the Cypriot restaurant, Kanella, at 10th and Spruce, serves an English breakfast (fried eggs, baked beans, sausage, slab bacon, grilled tomato and toast (no b&w pudding though). I haven't been there for breakfast, but their breakfast is supposed to be good. see link below

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      Kanella has great breakfast and the English Breakfast is awesome (though the 3rd best dish on the menu, at least).

      Fado's "All Day Breakfast" is okay...plenty of meat and the B&W Pudding are standard. Bacon is really good.

    2. Black Sheep Pub?

      Can't speak to it's authenticity but my SO orders it there every time we go for brunch.

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        it's pretty authentic there and definitely tasty. ida mae's is also a great rec, though it isn't super accessible unless you don't mind walking or have a car. they also serve beans on toast there, nom!

      2. Try Irish Times on 2nd and Bainbridge - they have it on weekends. Have never been there for brunch so I can't say how authentic it is.

        1. Plough in the stars? They definitely have brunch, and I think offer some kind of irish breakfast

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            2nd the Plough & Stars irish breakfast. It's a teeny bit gentrified, but still filling.

          2. Thanks for all the great recos. Do want.