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Feb 27, 2010 03:16 PM

Looking for Good Drinks Near James Beard House (11th street and 6th Avenue

I've organized a dinner with friends at the James Beard House and would like a place to meet beforehand and get a good cocktail before dinner. Don't know the neighborhood to well but will be all dressed up and don't want an irish pub. Ideas?

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  1. how close is close enough?

    1. Bar Blanc is an attractive space and has a good cocktail menu. I especially liked the pamplemousse martini - Hendricks gin and grapefruit juice (two of my favorite liquids). Bar Six is more of a neighborhood hangout, casual and cheapish, with a handsome copper bar and cafe tables. Both have separate bar areas.

      1. On 19th and 6th is one of my favorite bars, Flatiron Lounge - very fun, touch of class, with a throwback vibe. There's also the 1920's speakeasy Raines Law Room on 17th and 6th. If you go between Sun-Tues they'll take reservations if you send an email to by 3pm and let them know the number in your party and phone number.