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Feb 27, 2010 02:15 PM

Good Cheap Mexican Food on North Clark Street from Andersonville to Rogers Park

I'm a fairly new Rogers Park resident and I'm curious to explore the numerous Mexican restaurants up and down Clark Street. I'm a huge fan of Tamales Lo Mejor de Guerrero. Any other recommendations around there for great cheap tacos etc?


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  1. There's a place — been there many times over the years but never have learned the name — catty-corner to your favorite place, on the SE corner of Lunt & Clark. Also quite good. I like the lengua tacos.

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      I b elieve this place on Clark and Lunt SE corner is Hernandez. Great tostados.

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        I pass-by this place regularly on my way to / from Ayutla Bakery and/or the Guerrero tamale place down the block and across the street, but have never gone in. Lately, I've noticed what appears to be a spike upward in business and I'm going to try it out soon. I've found Jesse's Mexican Grill, mentioned below (and which is not near Clark St.) pretty bad - bad service, poorly prepared / presented food, food that's way too salty, etc.

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          Wow, that's totally different from my experience in numerous visits to Jesse's. The food has always been very very good. I love their complimentary salsas; they bring three to the table: a pico de gallo, a tomatillo salsa, and the best of all, the red guajillo salsa. Not only is their food delicious and inexpensive, but the portion sizes are huge, too; even the horchata comes in a glass the size of one of those "big gulp" drinks at 7-11!

          The service has been excellent as well. It's not a fancy restaurant, to be sure, but the staff tries to be helpful. Once I asked if we could order some of their guajillo salsa to go, and she was happy to bring us a nice-sized container and didn't even charge us for it.

          We've been very happy, especially considering their low prices.

          Jesse's is on Western, less than a mile west of Clark Street.

          Jesse's Mexican Grill
          6950 N. Western Avenue
          Chicago, IL 60645
          (773) 856-6050

          Jesse's Mexican Grill
          6950 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60645

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            I agree completely. Terrible service, and VERY salty food. You can do much better . Prices are low, but you get what you pay for.

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              How was the service terrible? It's a VERY small place, and I can't imagine that the waitstaff could possibly ignore you (or ignore the food when it's done). They've always been very friendly and very helpful in my experience, including the example I cited.

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                I've found the waitstaff not very knowledgeable about the menu, the owner pre-occupied gossiping near the door with friends and inattentive to the businessd and the kitchen, when confronted with a diner who sends something back - inattentive to the complaint. My judgement is that this is a restaurant frequented by people who don't know what Mexican food is or how it should be prepared and served. I haven't found the restaurant to be "VERY small" and sense we're talking about different places, different cuisines. But, few people will react similarly to meals which have been eaten at different times, different days. It's not a place I'd recommend to friends, or others seeking good representations of Mexican food.

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                  You're right - it sounds like we're talking about different places, different cuisines. Because I've never experienced any of that, in visits when they were busy or in visits when they were relatively empty. However, I've never had to send anything back, because everything I've had there has been very good indeed. That's why I continue to recommend it to friends and to others seeking good representations of conventional Mexican food, affordably priced.

                  Where do you recommend instead?

        2. Sabor Michoacan is quite good, and very cheap. I have yet to try something that I didn't like. I remember the mole being particularly good. http://www.yelp.com/biz/sabor-michoac...

          1. If it doesn't have to be on Clark Street, my go-to place for good, cheap Mexican food in Rogers Park is:

            Jesse's Mexican Grill
            6950 N. Western Avenue
            Chicago, IL 60645
            tel: (773) 856-6050

            Don't miss the chips and salsas too!