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Feb 27, 2010 02:06 PM

sur la table coming to KOP Mall

just down the hall from the California Pizza kitchen is a huge area that advertises sur la table, opening May 2010. anyone familiar with them? it says they will be offering cooking classes.

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  1. I think it's an upscale place selling all sorts of items for the kitchen/cooking, cookbooks, etc. Cooking classes probably to entice folks to stick around and buy? Should be a good add to the Mall.

    1. It's about freakin' time. Sur la Table is like a more useful version of Williams Sonoma. Their stores can cause overload because they tend to be chocked full of kitchen gear and little else, but their quality & assortment I think is much better than WS, much less Kitchen Kapers, or any of the other places. They also tend to have some pretty good deals in the clearance dumping area usually hidden somewhere in the back of the store.
      Instead of beautifully presenting everything like WS tends to do, SLT tends to have a ton of gear on wire shelves. I guess it's more like a restaurant supply store than WS. It is at least worth a visit when they open.

      1. Awesome, you will like this store, I get their catalog and have been in their shop in Seattle----def upscale WS with more goods is good description. Only wish it was coming to the city!

        1. This is awesome! Their cooking classes are great, but I don;t feel like going to Marlton any time I want to take one. It's just like W-S but not as overpriced (still pricey, though) and bigger. I can't wait!

          1. Oh, you've made my day! I LOVE the Marlton SLT!! It is indeed a more useful W-S and somehow more interesting to shop in than Kitchen Kapers. Have not tried their cooking classes as I don't live in NJ but have debated about them. Now I can take the classes without a long drive home.