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Feb 27, 2010 01:53 PM

Seeking lovely wine bar to got with my boyfriend around 11pm for some wine and possibly dessert!

Location does not matter, but will be coming from the theatre district!

Has anyone been to ayza wine & chocolate bar on 31st?

Thanks so much foodies :)

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  1. i really like Shalel. never had dessert there, but their snacks are good. it's tough to find, but worthwhile. if you were to go and not like the scene, you have the following within five blocks: Bin 71, Reposo 72, & Wine and Roses, all UWS.

    1. Ayza looks like a Marriott to me but foreigners like it for the whole 'chocolate and wine' theme. I also think it's wine by the glass list stinks. I walked out actually. Blue Ribbon Wine Street Bar and Terroir best wine bars in the City IMO. In Theater District board likes Casellula. (Not sure of spelling)

      1. Try Ardesia on 52nd and 10th. It's owned by a Le Bernardin alum but very cool/casual wine bar with awesome desserts. I went recently and had fantastic smores (every part is homemade) and I saw a homemade ice cream sandwich that looked phenomenal. The wine list is also quite nice.