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Feb 27, 2010 01:51 PM

Late lunch in or near Ward Warehouse, Oahu?

Any good places to eat in the area? No preferred genre, I'm omnivorous

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  1. In the Ward Centre - Kaka'ako Kitchen. Love the furikake catfish and vanilla bean bread pudding!

    1. Not exactly sure what kind of meal you are looking for; simple, fancy, fast, take out, table service....

      In Ward Center are: Kakaako Kitchen is very good, followed by Kua Aina (although it's reputation has started to slip). Genki Sushi is pretty decent also. Goma Tei is good for noodles and such. Upstairs used to have some good food, pretty much only Ryans is there now, and its been a while since i was impressed by anything there.

      In Ward Warehouse: There are several little stands, but I dont know if any of them are any good. The chowder house is long gone now... and much missed. Upstairs the two anchors are still doing a good business, The Old Spaghetti Factory - meh, but for some reason popular, however it closes at 2 for lunch. If you want to spend more, and enjoy a nice view of ala moana park and Kewalo Basin (of "three hour tour" fame) is Kincaids.

      On the mauka side of Auahi Street is Wahoo's Fish Tacos and a little further up is BaLe vietnamese sandwiches.

      Finally moving back down auahi are big city diner, and (meh again) panda express.

      Ward centers does have a shopping/restaurant guide as well.

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        I second the recommendation for Goma Tei in Ward Centre. Their spicy (not crazy sweat/tear-inducing spicy though) sesame-rich tan-tan ramens are the best in town. If you've ever tried to make your own ramen stock (from pork bones and bonito), you'll appreciate this meal from the first slurp.

        Also worth mentioning is my favorite sushi place in town, Sushi Masa. Just grab a seat at the bar and ask Chef Masa for his recommendations. Pray for uni. One of the best sushi experiences I've ever had. Not cheap though. Worth every bite.

        Sushi Masa
        1200 Ala Moana Blvd Ste 425, Honolulu, HI 96814

      2. Tango, located next to PF Chang, at the end of Auahi

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          I agree with you on Tango. It's a great place for lunch. I've had dinner there too and liked
          it also. It's a lovely room.

        2. Thanks guys! I am now better educated.

          1. A popular local place is Asahi Grill on Ward, one block mauka of Sports Authority. Ox tail soup from the old Kapiolani Coffee Shop, fried rice, loco moco, etc. Today's Advertiser featured a lunch wagon that sounded pretty good in the area, Joe Aloha. If anyone has tried it, I'd appreciate hearing your impressions. Agree that Kua Aina is always worth a stop when I'm craving a good hamburger.


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              That food truck, Joe Aloha, was parked on the corner across the street from Kakaako Kitchen in the large Ward parking lot.