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Feb 27, 2010 01:42 PM

Trulucks Restaurant

Any comments,opinions,recommendations re:Trulucks in Austin?

Thanks for any info.

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  1. I have been to the one downtown several times. I like it quite a lot, it is very solid. The service is always very high quality, the fish is always sustainable and quite good, I have never had the meat there.

    It is very similar to Eddie V's if you have been, less stuffy, less emphasis on steak also.

    the bar area is very lively and they have a pianist most nights.

    Prices are mid-high, but a good value for the money in my opinion, professional service is not that common in Austin and you pay for it.

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    1. re: moosy

      Thanks 'moosey'....
      their menu looks good,however,I just take issue with ANY restaurant that
      won't post it's lunch or dinner prices on-line!!! Why Not ??

      1. re: grangie angie

        Well, why are you so fascinated with Truluck's then? It seems like you are 'fishing' for something.

        1. re: grangie angie

          It's a very good chain. I mention that because I bet that's why menu prices aren't posted-- they sometimes vary between locations. Moreover, fish fluctuates pretty wildly in price.

      2. I have visited Truluck's three times, twice downtown and once at the Research Blvd. location. I can honestly say that I do not understand how this restaurant has stayed open as long as it has - the food is overpriced, not particularly good, and there are too many other good dining venues in this town to waste time or money at this grossly overrated restaurant.

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        1. re: marfaboy

          i think it is pricy for austin, and what it is.
          that being said, i go for the HH.

          1. re: marfaboy

            Maybe you can give insight to what you had that was bad? I know it's a seafood place, but sometimes people order other dishes that may not be their specialties, then are underwhelmed. It would just help to know specifics.

            1. re: drdelicious

              i've only been to the arboretum location.

              they have a date night menu, for $35 each.
              it includes soup or salad, entrée and shared dessert for $35 per person.

              mondays, they have all you can eat Florida Stone Crab.

              the HH half-priced apps they offer include things like:
              Creamy Blue Crab Dip
              Seafood, Steak and Crab Sliders
              Hot & Crunchy Shrimp
              King Crab Deviled Eggs

          2. It's one of my fav places here for several reasons. I like their professionalism and service, which is hard to find here. It is a chain, but they pull it off well, kinda like Ruth's Chris. I like thier oysters and their crabs. They have Dungeness Crab, but I'd call ahead to reserve one if that's what you want... apparently, they are limited on how much they can serve. I thought they had more than on the website menu, like Blackened Snapper and mussels and salmon... I like all of it, but I love seafood. There's plenty to choose from, and my husband always gets steak. He never complains, but he says it's not as good as Sullivan's steaks.

            I think not listing prices is partially due to their menu selection depends heavily on market pricing. It may be a smidge due to 'if you have to ask, you can't afford it...' but I think it's more the former. I'd say it's a 'special date' place, and my husband and I eat there for about $180 - 250: valet, appetizer, 2 entrees, 1 bottle wine, and 1-2 deserts.

            Their service is excellent. They seem to balance the ability to recommend items and keep your glasses full with the ability to leave you alone to have a conversation. I wish all restaurants had this high standard for service.

            They also have a nice cocktail bar, but I've lately had cocktails down the sidewalk at Peche first, instead of Trulucks. I like the cocktails, nice dinner, great service, and great ambience... then you walk out and your in the middle of 4th street at night, and downtown is just wonderful. It's very romantic to me. PLUS, they don't care if you wear jeans! I've only been to the one downtown... I didn't know they even had another one in Austin.

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