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Feb 27, 2010 01:29 PM

Recs for places near Emory

In March we may be bringing our daughter on a college visit to Emory. She is vegetarian. My spouse doesn't care for much ethnic food (other than Mexican or Italian), so we'd like to find someplace for dinner that can accommodate everyone. Nothing too fancy, but we'd like the food to be good. Any ideas?

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  1. I can't give a personal recommendation but Floataway Cafe is within a mile of campus, has an excellent reputation, and is owned by two of best chefs in Atlanta and the Southeast. They have several other restaurants in Atlanta. It is not fancy. It is casual but not cheap and may be more "adventurous" than you are looking for. I believe it would have vegetarian selections but am not sure. I had some problems getting to their website and menu but maybe you can call and get some help. Try here:

    This restaurant blog is the domain of an Emory grad from about a dozen years ago. She knows her food from the most plebeian to most elite. A world traveler from a family of food lovers she might be willing to help with other suggestions if you send her an email. Look at "about the site". She will eventually answer and it wouldn't hurt to mention Emory in the subject line.

    Use her dropdown menu to find her review of Floataway. Read some reviews here:
    and here:

    1. That's too bad- locks you out of 2 good places nearby (Bhojanic b/c it's Indian; Community BBQ b/c it's probably only marginally veggie friendly). There are also several good vegetarian Indian places in Decatur.

      Floataway is a good suggestion. Another that's a perennial favorite for taking 'rents is Murphy's in Virginia Highlands. Va Hi is also a nice area, so you get a feel for neighborhood-y Atlanta. Murphy's has been there forever and has gone up and down over the years, but the last couple times I've been I enjoyed it, most recently for lunch just a few weeks ago. Pretty straightforward but done well.

      You might also like seeing Decatur. Nice little city within the city. Watershed is one good Southern place to go there. Gotta warn you that it's simple-yet-pricey, but well-known chef and part owned by a famous local musician gets you there. Leon's Full Service is a relative newcomer of the gastropub variety. Easy to find something for everyone there and it won't break the bank. Or there's always Taqueria del Sol (don't let the line deter you, it usually moves fast).

      1. Also, to help you get a taste of the cool neighborhoods in the emory vicinity(10-15 mins away) that are popular with emory students:

        Downtown Decatur: El Tesoro, Saba,
        Virgina Highlands: Osteria, La Tavola, Pura Vida
        Inman Park: Fritti, Sotto Sotto
        Candler Park: Flying Biscuit( not my favorite, but very popular and lots of veg options)

        For higher end, floataway and watershed are excellent choices, not sure on the vegetarian selection

        1. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'm making note of all of them. Floataway Cafe sounds nice for dinner. I think there will also be a breakfast and a lunch on this trip. And of course, if DD winds up going to Emory, there will be lots more opportunities!

          Someone on another board though rise-n-dine would be good to try for breakfast. Any thoughts on that? And is Flying Biscuit open for breakfast? I appreciate all your help.

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            Rise-n-dine is great! I love their sweet potato pancakes
            My other favorite in the area is pastries a go go in downtown decatur, for the best biscuits in atlanta
            Flying Biscuit is open for breakfast, but if it is the weekend, prepare to wait

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              For breakfast another good option is the Original Pancake House. Don't let the name fool you, they have diverse pancake offerings but a lot of great options that you won't find at your typical chain restaurant. They are a small chain, but of a different color than Waffle House, etc.. They are famous for the Dutch Baby. I have gotten stuck on the bacon and basted eggs which comes with harvest grain pancakes. I always ask for the buckwheat cakes substitute (extra). They are much better than the buckwheat pancakes at IHOP - think it's a different flour. That item is not on the menu anymore but the servers and cooks seem to know - it means eggs sunny side up, basted with butter or whatever they use now, with thick cut bacon (I ask for it crisp).

              Be careful if you order an omlet - I think the standard is six eggs - it's huge. The one on Cheshire Bridge Rd. is about 2 miles from the Emory Campus. I go to the other one because it's near where I used to work. I went once at prime time on a Saturday. It was a madhouse and you could barely hear yourself talk. Weekdays are better. Now that I'm retired I stop by when in the area an hour before closing time on weekdays, which is 2:30 PM. Not many others there at that time. They have lunch selections, but as I said, I have a favorite so can't remember the last time I tried lunch. Late breakfast is why I go there. You can tell the orange juice is fresh squeezed. Coffee's not bad either.


              You will find it on Blissfull Glutton's website as apparantly her parents took her there regularly long before she attended Emory.
              She has just changed her website so no restaurant drop down menu any more and the "Reviewed Restaurants" link does not always work. Type the restaurant name in the seach box.

              Last comment: Community BBQ, already mentioned, has great BBQ and a creamy, three cheese mac and cheese made with rigatoni noodles. Close to Emory, if you like BBQ it would be a good lunch option and your daughter could pig out on the mac and cheese if it's not too rich for her taste. They have some veggie sides, like collard greens and sometimes blackeyed peas. Personally I was dissappointed when I tried the greens because they didn't have pepper vinegar to put on it - server said he would look into correcting that. A Texas influence so the beef brisket is special but pork and chicken are good too. Supposed to introduce kolaches at some point but I don't know when.

            2. I eat a fair amount of veggie options and these places are great: Owned by the same people.. The Brick Store Pub, great and world renowned beer selection and good food. Leon's for the craft cocktail, great beer menu and awesome food. Both with veg friendly options. Get the veggie loaf at Leon's and the garden burger at BSP! Also, Cakes and Ale is a great choice. There are also these options- Wahoo!, Feast, The Grange.