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Feb 27, 2010 01:18 PM

Where can I buy Orange Bitters?

Have been getting into cocktails lately and looking for orange bitters. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know where its available, for example Fee's Orange Bitters?


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  1. Try the store at Toronto Institute of Bartending (487 Adelaide Street West,

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    1. re: c.cow

      I;ve been looking around some more and found this. Is this it???? In the entire GTA???

      1. re: c.cow

        you're correct c.cow. They are the exclusive distributors in Toronto. That's it....period.

        1. After some further investigation, it seems c.cow is right, and that;s the only place in the GTA, home of more than 2 million people and countless bars, where one can buy one of the key ingredients to a classic Martini. What a weird hole in our chowness.

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          1. re: bluedog

            Gottem. Nice place, friendly and easy to find location. Confirmed they have exclusive right to sell in TO. As well, they have the Angostura Orange Bitters, but cannot sell them yet.

          2. Pusateri's on Avenue has twisted orange bitters really good stuff.

            1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

            1. All the Best Fine Foods...of the 5 thieves clan...carry ALL Fee Bitters. I Rerciently bought their cherry, grapefruit, chocolate and ORANGE.