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Where can I buy Orange Bitters?

Have been getting into cocktails lately and looking for orange bitters. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know where its available, for example Fee's Orange Bitters?


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  1. Try the store at Toronto Institute of Bartending (487 Adelaide Street West, http://www.torontobartending.com/).

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      I;ve been looking around some more and found this. Is this it???? In the entire GTA???

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        you're correct c.cow. They are the exclusive distributors in Toronto. That's it....period.

        1. After some further investigation, it seems c.cow is right, and that;s the only place in the GTA, home of more than 2 million people and countless bars, where one can buy one of the key ingredients to a classic Martini. What a weird hole in our chowness.

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            Gottem. Nice place, friendly and easy to find location. Confirmed they have exclusive right to sell in TO. As well, they have the Angostura Orange Bitters, but cannot sell them yet.

          2. Pusateri's on Avenue has twisted orange bitters really good stuff.

            1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

            1. All the Best Fine Foods...of the 5 thieves clan...carry ALL Fee Bitters. I Rerciently bought their cherry, grapefruit, chocolate and ORANGE.

              1. as c.cow as mentioned, the toronto bartending institute carries them, which is where i got mine. they have lots of goodies there, particularly the fee's barrel aged bitters, which are a little more expensive, but well worth it.

                i've seen the fee's brothers orange at the the slm store next to rube's rice. my apologies that i forget the name. they carry a number of other fee's bitters, such as peach, rubarb and chocolate.

                this place is new too. i'm going to check them out today: http://byobto.com/

                get the celery bitters, which is a knock off of the bitter truth celery bitters, but make a mean martini with olive/onion (gibson).

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                  just went to byob, they do have a good selection of fee brothers bitters (14.99), as well as syrups (19.99). picked up a bottle of falernum myself.

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                      no, just fee bros. you might be able to ask them to get some in, though.

                2. Lively Life in north end of basement of St. Lawrence Market has big selection of Fee's bitters.
                  Best part is they are only $9.99, best I've seen reported here.

                  1. They're also at Sun Valley grocers, Danforth and Pape.

                    1. So - I was at both Lively Life (best prices on Fee's bitters, period) and BYOB (mostly excellent selection) today, and while the trip wasn't a total waste (I bought Fee Brothers' orange at Lively Life and Falernum at BYOB) I was disappointed because the things I *really* wanted were nowhere to be found. Since the people reading this thread seem to be in the know, where in Toronto or the GTA can I buy:

                      Regan's bitters? Sorry, but there is NO substitute for their orange.

                      Fee Brothers' coffee syrup? I was miffed that neither LL nor BYOB carried it.

                      Passionfruit syrup? I usually end up making my own from pulp, but its NOT the same.

                      Okay - over to the experts. Go. And thanks :)

                      1. the mercantile, on Roncesvalles has that and a pile of others

                        1. McEwans has Fee Brother's Orange and other flavors. Tasty stuff.

                          Feeling adventurous ?