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Feb 27, 2010 01:05 PM

Any colorado mountain (eagle, gypsum, edwards, vail, avon) suggestions?

I just moved up to outside eagle for ski season and need some food suggestions. i've basically been living off of the mexican place in eagle - la primavera - which, while absolutely amazing (the beef cheek tacos are outstanding and the tortas are the best i've ever had), i'm getting a bit tired of.

can i get some recs -

bbq, seafood, sushi/japanese..

i've tried some places - grand ave grill is mediocre, foxnut is both good and bad, the other mexican place in eagle is piss..

does anyone know anything about paradigm (eagle), vin48 (avon), gashouse (edwards)?

i think i'm trying sato tonight. i'm dying for good sushi. fingers crossed.

thanks for your help hounds!

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    1. I never specifically seek out the categories of cuisine you mentioned in those towns, but some places I like are:
      Edwards: Eat! Drink! (sandwiches, cheese, wine), Dish (amazing tasting menu), Larkburger (gourmet burgers), Bookworm (crepes, coffee, mimosas). Only went to Juniper once and was not blown away but would try it again. Good chicken enchiladas at Fiestas.
      Avon: Avondale (in the Westin). Really fun to sit and graze at the bar.
      Vail: Sweet Basil. I used to like La Bottega too, but I must admit I usually stop in Edwards now, so I'm not that up on the spots in Vail proper. Definitely going to Larkspur soon and have always wanted to check out Kelly Liken.
      Check out any recs from ddavis and BlueOx on CH for this area.