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Feb 27, 2010 01:05 PM

My Barcelona Plans

I've done a fair bit of research -- read these boards extensively -- and am about to make reservations for my March visit. (Hope I'm not too late to do so.)

Any and all feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance:

Day 1:
Late arrival. Dinner at Can Lluis near where I'm staying (Market Hotel)

Day 2: (Sunday)
Lunch near Picasso Museum -- Xampanyet or La Vinya Del Senyor
Dinner: Open to suggestions. Maybe Paco Meralgo?

Day 3:
Lunch: Catalina
Dinner: Can Josep

Day 4:
Lunch: Embat
Dinner: El Vell Sarria

Day 5:
Lunch: Hisop
Dinner: Taktiki Berri

Day 6:
Lunch: Coure
Dinner: Can Mano

Day 7:
Lunch: Sauc
Dinner: Fonda Gaig

Does any one know if all these places take reservations? And is the traditional lunch hour at about 1:00? Dinner at 9:00 or 9:30?

Any changes you would counsel?


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  1. Looking at your list, you will eat very well in Barcelona. Just want to comment about Can Mano: inexpensive, down home food, can be a little heavy and oily, wine served in tumblers, bare boned setting and crowded, friendlyl family staff; located near a quaint placa in center of Barcelonetta. It is one of my favorite with Barcelona friends. Also I would have problem eating at Sauc and Fonda Gaig on a single day. Since I would not want to skimp on either restaurant, it would be just too much food for me. The dining hours are about right but no earlier.

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    1. re: PBSF

      Thanks, PBSF. Many of these selections come from your posts. You're doing us all a great service by sharing so much about Barcelona's dining scene. I'll watch for your name to appear on the San Francisco Bay Area board, and should you ever come this way will return the favor.

      One more thing: Is it necessary to reserve at all these places? Or can I just drop in at the less fancy spots?

      1. re: Tobias

        Definitely for Can Josep, El Vell Sarria (both small and popular with locals), Embat, Hisop, Coure, Sauce and Fonda Gaig. Depends on your flexibility, couple of days ahead is usually enough time.(couple of extra days if for weekend nights. I assume you are eating pintxos at Taktiki Berri and like all pintxos places, they do not accept reservations. Can Lluis is fairly large and probably not needed if you get there by 9pm. Since we go to Can Mano with a group of friends, we always do but if it is for two, probably not. If you decide on Paco Meralgo on Sunday nights, do otherwise, there will be a wait unless you eat very early.
        Just about all your places are in the Eixample which is for most part very bland at night, you might consider an evening down at El Born.
        I live in the Bay Area; SF and Woodside.

        1. re: PBSF

          Any thoughts about an alternative for Sunday night? (I understand many places are closed then.) Given the rest of my list, what should I add?

          1. re: Tobias

            My first choice for Sunday evening is PacoMeralgo. And if Cerverseria Catalana is still closed for remodeling, go to their other place in the Eixample, Ciutal Comtal. Senyor Parallada is one of the few restaurant that is opened on Sunday nights; nice atmosphere (street floor and not the upstair), good people watching, comfortable with a large moderately priced menu of traditional Catalan food. The food is fine if not inspiring but given the moderate cost, ambience and Sunday night, one can do a lot worst.

            1. re: PBSF

              Cerverseria Catalana closed for remodeling? For how long? I am staying in Eixample towards the end of July and that was going to be a fall back option.

              1. re: SmokinActuary

                Cerveseria Catalana has re-opened. It's looks all swanky and modern, now. I had never been there before, but I can't say I was too impressed. Feels more like a factory than a restaurant. The pan con tomate was soggy like it had been sitting out all day, and the fried dishes were limp and oily. On top of that, it was 9pm on a Sunday and they were already out of most of the specials and some of the regular menu items.

                I might give the place another shot, but it's pretty low on my list.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  Cerverseria Catalana is never about the food. It is for fun and party atmosphere, for people watching, for drinks group with a large group of friends, for late nights, especially Sunday nights. Because of it's barn like size, seating at least 250 and the large menu, the food has always been a hit or miss. Better luck with items that can be reheated, room temperature things; stay away from fried dishes and anything require last minute preparation. For better food on Sunday night, I would go to their sister place, Ciutal Comtal. PacoMeralgo is still my first choice for the difficult Sunday.

                  1. re: PBSF

                    I agree that Paco Meralgo is indeed a good choice. The food, the service and the ambiance are all great. It's a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

                    How about El Vaso de Oro as a Sunday option? We had very enjoyable dinner there, recently. Not as classy as Paco Meralgo, but good food, fun atmosphere and good service. And the place certainly has character.

                    1. re: SnackHappy

                      Indeed, El Vaso is a good option for stand up tapas; drink their home brewed beer; expensive but as you said, you get what you pay for. Thanks for the reminder that it is open on Sunday nights,

                    2. re: PBSF

                      I wouldn't expect it to be up to Paco Meralgo's standards but I figured it would be more than palatable.

                      Is Ciutal Comtal less popular? I know that is nearby also. I am just curious why Ciutal would be better than its sister place? :-)

                      1. re: SmokinActuary

                        Ciutal Comtal is smaller serving less people. The kitchen is marginally better but for many such tapas places, one goes for the atmosphere and the crowd. Here, the food is for nibbling while having glasses of wine. It is not meant for a whole meal. For Sunday, might try Carles Abellan's new place, Bar Velodromo though I have not had a chance.

        2. re: PBSF

          First thanks so much for all your helpful information. Have you heard of the restaurant Can Pineda in Barcelona (It was featured in the Batali program and has appeared on several blogs)? I am interested in information about style of food, cost, and any more opinions about the experience. My family and I leave for Barcelona next week!