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Feb 27, 2010 12:22 PM

Little India Journal Square

Thought it would be good to start a thread on the Little India in Journal Square to help people out when going there for their first, second, third, etc. experiences. There may be a thread on the old Tristate Board, but this will make things easier for current users so they do not need to search on OLD boards.

Feel free to post on places you have been, what you ordered there, general price range, and perhaps location too if it is hard to find with Google Maps.

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  1. Dosa House has seemingly foot-long dosas for 6 or 7 bucks. I had the marsala paneer dosa. The atmosphere for this place is good for to-go orders or if you are with a casual small group or even riding solo to get a quick meal.

    1. Rahjbog Sweets is a like a bakery and small food items place. I was able to get squares of Burfi here for 1.25 a piece. Had the mango and the almond. Both really sweet. They also sell bottles of Thums Up Soda for about 1.50. There are some tables to sit down and eat (very could ride solo...or come with small group). Indian programming on the TV makes for an appropriate, yet confusing to the english speaker, background for your meal.

      1. Sapthagiri is a more sit-down type of place. So bring a group or get your order for the road. Have had the samosa chat which is a mixed bowl of samosa, chana, sev, yogurt sauce and spices for like 3.50. Also, had the paneer parata...a thin Indian bread filled with cheese and spices also like 3.50. These two alone make a decent meal for only 7 bucks. Their chai tea is also very good.

        1. I second Sri Ganesh's Dosa House. That's a good one.

          I recently visited a small place called Baba Hut on Newark Ave. and had a very good onion-ginger dosa there. It wasn't the biggest dosa I've ever gotten but it wasn't small either, and the price was very very good (around $5 if I remember correctly). A sign out front advertises a buffet, but on that particular night, they was no buffet.

          The charming folks running Baba Hut are from the state of Andhra in India and so maybe next time I will order one of the four or five Andhra specialties listed on the menu. They also have some Chettinad dishes.

          By the way, has anybody tried Horn OK Please? That must be the wackiest name for a restaurant I've seen in eons! According to their website, "Horn OK Please" is "a phrase commonly painted on commercial vehicles in India." This place has a nice casual design with nifty colors and looks very spic-and-span but I haven't tried it yet. It's at 835 Newark Ave. near Tonnelle Ave.

          Also, I ventured down the street to a relatively new Moroccan place at the corner of Broadway and Tonnelle Ave. (next to Suez Canal) and got half a pound of amazing baklava-like dessert to go. (I can't remember the name of the dessert but they said it was the Arabic word for triangles.) They had various cookies and dessert items up front. They also had various steam-table dinner items -- I think they had some tagine, couscous, falafel, etc., but I wasn't in the mood for any of that, and some of it didn't look totally fresh at that moment, though admittedly, it was getting pretty late by then.

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            I went back to Baba Hut and tried the dinner buffet recently. It was $7.99 and it was very good, and very very spicy! This place is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, and oddly enough, you enter through a sliding-glass door, which almost makes it seem like you're going into somebody's house. The decor is pretty much bottom-dollar but I was there for the food. After a while, they put on the TV to a channel that was, curiously enough, playing *French* pop music videos. They were oddly entrancing. I might have to go back and do this cultural mish-mash experience again.

          2. Every so often I park in one of the cheap lots near the Journal Square PATH station and drive right by this colorful area. Thanks to all the posters here for making some sense out of it.