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Feb 27, 2010 11:02 AM

I'm vacationing in Flushing next weekend--where should I eat?

I live in Park Slope, and it's always such a pain to get to and from Flushing by subway. For a long time I've been telling myself I ought to stay at a hotel out there some time, and now I'm treating myself to an overnight for my birthday. My hotel is right in the heart of the Chinese section, at 37th Ave. & College Point. I'll be there for one breakfast, two lunches and two dinners. Where should I go. The food courts are definitely on my list--I've never done them.

I think I need one dim sum rec. I've never done dim sum in Flushing

I'm looking to try new places, so the following restaurants are out:

Gu Shine
Northeast Taste
Fu Run
Spicy & Tasty
Imperial Palace
Hunan House
Little Pepper
M&T (I haven't been, but I'm going later in the month).

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  1. I haven't been here (yet) but it sure sounds good:

    I think what you're doing is great. When we stay with our friends in Manhattan, we never get as much of Flushing as we want.

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    1. Getting to Flushing by subway is a strong argument for living in Boston and owning a car. AND we have better Sichuan food than anything I've found in NYC, namely Lao Sichuan in Framingham (we also have several other places scattered about that are almost as good as the places in NYC.) If you have a time machine, try Sichuan Dynasty (RIP) which was the only Chinese place I've tried in NYC that I actually miss and wish I could go back to.

      I'm curious about the places on this list, and may make a roadtrip (from the DC area, where I've spent the past week eating at "Hunan Taste" in Catonsville, which I highly recommend. Are there any decent Hunan places in NYC since The Grand Sichuan on St. Marks' kitchen went down the toilet, probably along with its Hunan cook?)

      Dongbei (Manchurian) cooking: Hong Yi Shun, Golden Palace, Northeast Taste, Fu Run, and a Shandong place, M & T.

      ThisAdobe Crapware based thing has some interesting entries, which I need to extract and post as plain text.

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      1. Peter,
        Give Golden Palace (just around the corner from M&T) a try. I tried a crispy lamb with peppers there that I can't get out of my mind. The lamb is especially moist - the peppers are the crispy part here. The dish is rounded out nicely by chunks of garlic that makes for a unique taste and texture. I've also enjoyed the cuttlefish appetizer. Anyhow, enjoy.

        1. Have you been to Southern Spice? I would also recommend Mulan although it is a bit pricey but I love sitting on the pavilion surrounded by water and the food is wonderful but spectacularly inconsistent.

          Nan Xiang is the "it" place for juicy buns. I also quite like their wu xiang beef wrapped in pancakes and their spicy noodle soup.

          If you like hotpot, Udu will transport you to taipei, the best one in NYC. It has changed a bit but the quality is still very high and the ambiance is very modern.