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Feb 27, 2010 10:51 AM

Beef on Weck in Portland?

Hoping someone can help me out... a couple of months back, I was checking out some menus for local (Portland) restaurants and I saw a mention of beef-on-weck at one of them. I bookmarked the web site, but my computer crashed a couple of weeks later. I've since been unable to remember what restaurant it was. Any Portland-area folks seen beef-on-weck on any local menus lately? I'm a native Western New Yorker, and I'm jonesing for it bad.

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  1. I think 158 in South Portland has Beef on Weck,

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    1. re: marcodolas

      Thanks! I'm "Buffaloed"! Need to find it.

      1. re: marcodolas

        I stop in to 158 on occasion. I don't recall seeing beef on weck on their menu. They are closed for the day, but I'll either stop by or call tomorrow AM to inquire.

        1. re: matteo1973

          Update on 158... I called and, sure enough, the woman who answered said they "used to" serve a beef on weck sandwich there, and might be doing so again in a few months. But not currently.

          While I'll definitely be checking out 158 again in hopes of seeing beef on weck on the menu, I'm pretty sure that the restaurant I saw online was not 158. So there might be at least one more local restaurant out there that serves this sandwich.

          1. re: matteo1973

            D'OH! That sandwich was so freakin good.
            I have some webers condiments in my fridge if you want some!

      2. Anyone been to Lexies Joint down in Portsmouth? They have a beef on weck on their menu... it sounds delicious!