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Feb 27, 2010 10:50 AM

Chicken-fried steak in the Bay Area?

My husband has developed a longing for chicken-fried steak, a favorite dish from his youth. Any places that you can recommend? I think he's just looking for the basics - battered thin Minute-type steak with white gravy. Divey atmosphere preferred. We live in Marin but will, I'm sure, need to travel. (CFS is probably a felony in our neighborhood...) Thanks!

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  1. I'm morbidly fascinated by cfs and have ordered it whenever I see it on the menu. Only thing is I can't tell if it's "authentic" or even good -- the crunch is what keeps me at it. It's even allowed in Marin! Bayside Cafe in Sausalito, Bubba's in SA, coffee shop in Fairfax next to the variety store is where I had it (always gravy on the side). Hope your husband finds the best and lets us know where!

      1. You might give Aunt Mary's Cafe in Oakland a try. When I went the dishes were a bit mixed as for as the quality. I would give it another try though. They have chicken fried steak w/ beer gravy.

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          Tried Aunt Mary's CFS at dinner the last week before they stopping serving dinner (before Christmas 2009?) -- made with flat iron steak and was too thick. Not the traditional preparation.

        2. IHOP in San Rafael has "Country Fried" Steak on either the dinner or breakfast menus. It's 12 oz. worth of pounded-thin beef, breaded and fried, with gravy on top. I'm no connoisseur of CFS, but it tasted fine to me.

          1. Is Marvin's in Novato still around? I had some fantastic cream gravy studded with sausage there that i posted on years ago. Seems like the kind of place that could make a proper CFS.

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              Marvin's in Novato is still going strong. Last time I had the corned beef hash - very tasty and meaty. DIdn't notice the CFS on the menu, but I might have missed it. Will check next time around.

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                I remember Marvin's CFS from four years ago; I posted about it then. "wafer-thin (maybe exaggerating a bit) pounded-to-death meat with as much batter/crust as meat, the whole thing dry and hard. The good gravy was the only thing that made it edible."