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Feb 27, 2010 08:52 AM

Questions About Il Sogno and Sandbar

I would like to hear your general comments about Chef Weissman's two places in the Pearl Brewery location, but specifically would like to know the following:

1. Is it true that neither of the restaurants accept reservations?

2. Do either or both of them have websites?

3. What are their hours of service?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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  1. No reservations at either. Sogno seems to get backed up very quickly at dinner; we've learned to arrive around 5:45 before doors open-invariably there will be others waiting but you will get a table when they open at 6. I have yet to wait for seating at Sandbar but we usually arrive before 7. The dining pace at both is not rushed (despite waiting lines at Sogno). I've been a little disappointed with some of the meat entrees at Sogno but the antipasti and pastas have been divine. Sandbar has been uniformly fabulous (skate wing, wild bass especially).
    No websites for either as of now, both closed on Sunday-Monday. Lunch and dinner at both plus breakfast at Sogno. You can find menus on the following weblinks:

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      Thanks. This is good information. Unfortunately, we'll be in SA on a Friday night and we don't eat early. I just won't wait in line without a reservation. Enjoyed Le Reve several times and was looking forward to trying out Weissman's new places. My loss. I'll have to find another place. Any suggestions for places that are putting out good food?

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        A Friday night might be tough but I'd say it's worth a shot to call Sandbar (210) 222-2426, ask for James (maitre'd) and see if he might provide some helpful information on current conditions.
        As for other options, the following link covers most of the current offerings. Nothing comes close to LR.

        1. re: Sam Spade

          We have never been to the Lodge at Castle Hills. How is it?

          1. re: ddavis

            I'd definately reccomend it. For a special evening, the ambience can't be beat anywhere in this town, service has always been excellent as well. There are seasonal changes to the menu, but no off menu specials unless they're hosting a winery dinner or other special ocassion. We've gone here more often than any other fine dining locale (close to home)over the past eight years and have never had an issue with food or service.
            We also love Bin 555 (more casual, nice wine list, small plate focus, delightful outdoor patio) and our limited number of visits to Chef Dady's Tre and Insignia have been favorable as well. You'd need a car for all except Insignia if you're staying downtown. I'd also recommend Brian West's Las Ramblas at Hotel Contessa (we really miss his Cafe paladar).

            1. re: Sam Spade

              Thanks so much for the good info.

    2. Chef-husband-On-Sabbatical and I dined at Il Sogno last Saturday for lunch. We are formerly from San Diego; now hiding out in the Hill Country. Lets just say CHOS worked his way down the menu, as chefs do, because "I don't know when we'll eat like this again." The Maitre'D tried to turn us away (we looked like beach bums and had just visited the farmer's market) but our waiter Gerardo, a very accomplished server, learned to love us as we spent freely. The hits: beautiful white sardines and peas/mint on the antipasti table; handmade cannolis; decent ravioli with pumpkin or butternut squash. The misses: salty, dull "Special" pizza, arugula salad drenched in truffle oil, nice piece of cod overwhelmed by a less-fresh tasting carcass of prawn. My suggestion: go to Il Sogno for lunch. Sit inside by the open window, if you're lucky. Dress like a bum, ask for Gerardo, and order like rock stars. If I say This place beats any Italian in San Diego, I'm not saying much. If I say I'd drive 73 Texas mi to eat there again, I am. Lunch it. (OH>oh. And I love there's no website. You go, Chef Weissman, dude.)

      1. nice review in today's New York Times of il Sogno. "36 Hours in San Antonio:"