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Feb 27, 2010 08:32 AM

Search for Chinese Muslim Food in Toronto

We have recently returned from Xian and ate the most wonderful lamb dishes in an area called "Muslim Street". The lamb dishes especially were to die for. Numerous vendors were bbq'ing lamb and other dishes including barbecued eggplant in front of their respective restaurants.

Since our return, we have tried bbq lamb at both Schuan Legend at Midland and Finch and Chinese Beef and Lamb House at Warden and Eglinton and both times have been sorely disappointed.

Does anyone know of other restaurants offering this type of food within the GTA?

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  1. You could try a few more of these places, if they still exist (I haven't been for about 6 mths). Unfortunately you'll still probably be disappointed.

    Small food court stall in Pacific Mall - 2nd level near the men's washroom (yes).

    Xinjiang Restaurant - in Metro Square (inner parking lot facing IBM) - Steeles, west of Warden

    Xin Jiang Barbeque Restaurant on NW corner of McNicoll and Victoria Park

    1. You might try Silk Road, 438 Horner Ave. Etobicoke. 416 259 9440. Not open Sundays which is why we missed trying it last week. Heard good things.

      1. Try Ten Mile Aroma Northeast Chinese Cuisine in Chinatown on Dundas. I have really enjoyed my experiences here. Lots of lamb and very authentic. The clientele is overwhelmingly Northern Chinese.

        1. The Xian food I've had was spicy with liberal use of cumin in the lamb dishes. The noodle dishes were also spicy, but different from Szechuan cooking. Really good, savory stuff. Is the food at Silk Road and Ten Mile Aroma like that?

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            Can't comment about Ten Mile Aroma (haven't been), but did recently try out Silk Road. It's in a small plaza/strip mall with spartan decor, old tables and minimal ambience (ie. not ideal for a romantic night out)...but the staff is quite friendly if you engage them, the food is pretty flavourful and the prices reflect the overhead (ie. pretty cheap). We had the lamb cumin skewers, and the chicken stew with dumplings (huge portion, I mean HUGE) and both were very tasty. Very limited english menu (not sure about the chinese menu. No alcohol served. Bottom line, good value, flavourful dishes, but probably hit and miss service from previous posts I've seen. You may want to check out this post:


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              Ten Mile Aroma loves cumin and uses it liberally. Several of the dishes are spicy indeed. I will point you to this recent thread:

            2. Thanks all. On Saturday, we had dinner at the Szechuan Restaurant on the south side of Steeles, the first mall past Star Walk Mall. Think the name has been changed to Bashu. Ordered the stirfried lamb as they did not have bbq lamb. Extremely spicy but very good.

              Today we had lunch at Ten Mile Aroma and we were disappointed. Because we had lamb on Saturday, we decided on the following three dishes:
              cold pork belly with garlic - best dish - lots of garlic
              extra spicy noodles - extremely thick noodles tasting very doughy with little discernible flavour and not very spicy
              long green beans with pork - very ordinary - could not find the pork and does not compare to the green beans with pork at New Ho King
              We will return, however, to try the lamb skewers. The waitress told us the only bbq lamb on the menu are skewers.
              Next on our list is the Xin Jiang Bbq Restaurant in our endless quest for Xian style lamb.
              Certainly the prices are very reasonable, the skewers are half the price of Beef and Lamb House - of course, not having tried them, don't know how big the skewers are.

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                The one time in the summer when we tried Xin Jiang BBQ they had this really long charcoal burner and a guy w/ a cigarette in his mouth doing the grilling. The smoke was so intense that w/ the back door open it was still tough to breathe. Not sure if they still have that in the winter time though.

                The one at Pacific Mall isn't a charcoal burner, but a reg. gas burner (less flavour IMHO).