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Feb 27, 2010 06:41 AM

High quality dinner for celebration - central CT?

What are some options for a great celebration dinner in the central Connecticut area? Looking for good quality Continental or American fare and great service - cost is not a worry. Thanks!

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  1. On20 in Hartford is a great choice, however the limited days they serve dinner may be an issue for you.

    1. I enjoy any of the Carmen Anthony's for a special celebration--my favorite is in Woodbury. I enjoy the Waterbury location the least.

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        If Woodbury is an option, I'd suggest Carol Peck's Good News Cafe.

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          We gave Carol Peck's several chances recently - the last was at the end of December. All occasions were bad - we have previously enjpyed eating there-but the last was the worst by far. The restaurant was nearly empty but we waited almost 45 minutes to get our wine (and we had to walk over and ask them several times) and then another half an hour for our food which was slapped onto the table with a grunt and was truly awful. we had friends with us and it was embarassing.

          I second On 20. The setting, service and food are wonderful though the wine list is extremely limited.

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            I'd say Carole Peck's too over Carmen Anthony's (though it can be spotty at times like the post below). Or how about the Mayflower Inn, which would make a memorable fete.