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Feb 27, 2010 05:31 AM


new to the boards - going to spripraphai for dinner and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or favorites. i eat everything, but my husband is sensitive to spicy food. will that be a major issue? thanks.


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  1. first, before others tell you as well, this should be in the 'Outer boroughs" discussion, as Sri isnt in manhattan.

    How sensitive is he to spicy food? I would certainly let the waitresses know. I love spicy food, and my higher end of the tolerance level is challenged when I go there - in a great way though.

    My fave dishes are the crispy watercress salad and the drunken noodle with shredded pork. The menu is helpful in that in addition to pictures of the dishes, ones that are typical "chef recommendations/fan favorites" are marked with a yellow smiley face. Enjoy!

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      hi, thanks for telling me about the "outer boroughs" discussion. can i move this thread myself? my husband is extremely sensitive-to the point that i am questioning whether or not we should even go. but it sounds like it's worth it. we will just let our server know. thanks for your recommendations.

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        As you'll see, we've moved the thread for you to Outer Boroughs. If you ever need to request a thread move - or spot someone else's thread that should be on a different board - just use the Report link below the post. Thanks!

    2. The spiciness varies greatly. If I am eating with my family, the mild becomes the spicy that I would get if I was eating with Caucasian friends.

      If you are not Asian, requesting mild should be fine for your husband.

      There are so many wonderful dishes on the menu that you have a lot to choose from. It really depends on what you like to eat (protein, vegetable).

      Some of my favorites are:

      Crispy catfish and green mango salad - nb the catfish meat is shredded and not a filet
      Softshell crab with green mango salad
      Yum nur - minty and well seasoned
      Curry puffs with sweet cucumber dipping sauce
      Whole fried red snapper with basil, chile AND lemongrass (I request the lemongrass)
      Pork leg with basil chile (this is a spicy version of a classic Chinese dish, Ti Pong and is such amazing comfort food. Fatty, moist, tender and flavorful.
      Kao Soy - More comfort food, nothing like curry noodle soup on cold days
      Pad Kee Mao - Not Americanized, and some people are not used to it.
      Panang curry - one of the most vibrant executions of this dish, flavor sings

      For dessert - Mango with sticky rice and the steamed coconut with corn and tapioca

      or if you are in the mood for amazing French pastries, Cannelle is 5 min. by car.

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        this is a great list of recommendations. thank you so much. my neighbors have spoken of cannelle and that sounds like the perfect end to our evening.

        1. re: Cabrini_Qween

          Two things you should be aware of, Sripraphai is cash only and Cannelle closes at 8PM on Saturdays.

          Have a wonderful meal!

        2. re: Pookipichu

          I second the panang. The best I have had in NYC.

        3. Plenty of mild or non spicy food at Srip. Do a board search and you will find a number of posts about this issue. My kids like the freid soft shell crab, dumplings,satay,ginger noodles ,egg rolls and curry puffs. I would point out though that other then the crab these items are not what Srip does best but merely items that allow my wife and I to eat the good stuff while my kids are satisfied and fed.

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            thanks-still navigating my way around the boards. will definitely do a board search next time. thanks for the recs.

            1. My experience has been that anything I've ordered off the Vegetarian Menu is not spicy in the slightest.

              I agree with others who have said to make your concern known to the waitstaff. Enjoy.

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                thanks and thanks to all for your great recommendations. we're heading out in 10 minutes in the hopes that we can also go to cannelle for dessert before they close at 8.

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                  the chicken satay is great, not spicy at all, the chive dumplings are good, not spicy at all, the garlic and pepper shrimp is like shrimp scampi--not spicy but extremely garlicky, so if that bothers him then skip it--the drunken beef with noodles, even ordered mild can still be too spicy if you're sensitive--what they do best however, does not fall into this category---but, they do take special requests, so he should be fine.