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Feb 27, 2010 05:24 AM

Asian markets - H Mart vs. All Green, which do you like better ?

Predominantly for sushi fish but other grocery items (veggies and packaged goods). Who has the best pricing and choices.

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  1. H Mart is pretty impressive, but I've never seen All Green. Great Wall has pretty nice produce and Meat/Seafood counters also, but H-Mart trumps. (I think Great Wall has better packaged food i think, and also carries some oddities like live turtles and frogs.)

    here's a map of DC area asian markets/groceries

    1. I've never been to an All Green either, but I think H Mart has really good pricing and selection - I always try to do the majority of my shopping there (rather than Giant, Safeway etc). Meats, fish and produce are WAY fresher, nicer and better priced. H Mart in Falls Church has more Latino selection, but I find the one in Wheaton to be cleaner, easier to navigate (mostly, I just think it's newer)

      1. What about Lotte? We love ours in Chantilly.

        1. We have an All Green in Pasadena at the end of Mtn Road where it meets Ritchie Highway. I have been to H-Mart off of Route 40 and it appears to me that All Green is much cleaner and I asked a young Korean shopper which she preferred. Without hesitation she said All Green because it was cheaper and had better prepared foods. I love their fresh produce and especially the oriental greens..mustard green, snow pea tips, etc. And where can you get 4 sweet grapefruit for $1. They also have beef tendons and $4.99 shrimp without heads. We also find the staff to be friendlier and more accommodating. With a label from a Chinese package they were able to get an item for me. For Chinese food I prefer to shop in Rockville but it is a drive from Pasadena but combined with a delicious lunch it's worth the trip. Long live the Korean supermarkets...... especially for people who love to eat fruits and veggies.

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            I did make it to an H-Mart ( near Rte 40 ) and Super Gran in Laurel. My ratings mostly based on price is AllGreen, Super Grand then H-Mart. Problem with All Green is communicating with employees/management.

            800 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD