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Feb 27, 2010 05:10 AM

Hong Kong Airport

I have 6 hours to kill in the Hong Kong airport. Any recommendations for anything decent to nosh in the airport?

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  1. Six HOURS? Wow. I'd get out of the airport if I were you! The Airport Express can get you to Central HK in 24 speedy minutes. Time to shop, grab a bite, and head back!


    If you'd rather take it easy at the airport, it's actually very spacious, open, and easy to find your way around, and I've never been let down by the food or drink. It's much higher quality than your average airport food, with a variety of options.

    Check this list to see if anything strikes your fancy for sit-down


    And then there are the fast-food offerings... which honestly are more tempting to me. Hong Kong food courts in my experience are havens of hot, cheap, fresh, authentic eats instead of the depressing, flavorless gut-bombs you get over here. Chen Fu Ji and Pak Loh would be my recs in that department.


    And you can swing past Aji Ichiban and stock up on all your dried fruit needs. I still crave their dried mango, seriously.

    Good luck! :)

    1. Guess you didn't read my reply to your questions in the 'Nilescable' posting below?!
      Basically same thought as LauraGrace - Head downtown!!

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        Thanks guys -- I will have a small suitcase with me but, if I can find somewhere to stash it in the airport, I may head downtown!

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            It's 100% worth it to get out of the airport -- shoot, I'm making myself a little imaginary itinerary right now. Airport Express, star ferry, lunch in Tsim Sha Tsui, a little shopping, ferry back to Central, tram to the Peak, Airport Express back to the airport! :)

            What time of year will you be there?

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              Okay, I'm convinced. I'm going downtown! (and will take the suggestions from your itinerary LauraGrace -- with the exception of the tram to the Peak -- I've done that twice).

              It's actually this weekend that I'm going!

              1. re: EarlyDrive

                So fun! I'm pretty jealous. Hope you have a great time! :)

        1. With a 6hr layover and assuming your flight there arrives on time, you'll still only be left with 2-2.5hrs to spend in either TST or on HKG side. 1/2hr from landing and to clear customs, etc. 30-40min to catch an Airport Express and travel to Kowloon station (it's like 25min to Kowloon, comes every 10-15min). Then another 10min to fetch a taxi to go into TST. You'll want to get back to Kowloon Station at least 2hrs before your departure.

          You'll have time to enjoy a nice meal, so I'd definitely trek into town. But you probably won't have much time left to do much more than a meal. Maybe if you plan to eat in TST, then you can go eat, then a very quick waterfront stroll, then Star Ferry over to IFC, and catch Airport Express back from HKG side. In any case, enjoy your one great meal in HKG!