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Feb 27, 2010 04:49 AM

CSA rec in triangle

My wife and I have never tried a CSA and want in. The only trouble is our work schedules are too inconsistent to have a pick up time or spot. Does anyone know of a good home delivery CSA that goes to south Durham?? Also, maybe a shorter season or cheaper rate since it will be our first dance with it....

PS...I'm loving this chowhound thing, you guys are great!

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  1. sounds like your requirements are:
    o home delivery in durham
    o short season
    o affordable

    this doesn't fulfill your major requirement of home delivery, but brinkley farms CSA offers 12-week seasons. the spring/summer one, which offers an $8/week option, runs mid april through beginning of july. this may be a good option to see if CSA fits with your lifestyle without the major financial commitment.

    otherwise, come april or so, farmers markets will abound EVERYWHERE.
    some farms which do CSA pickups at duke gardens on tuesdays will also set up tables to sell additional produce. that also might be available at RTI on thursdays. you have durham farmer's market on wednesdays. south estes (a little farther - in chapel hill) on thursdays. and of course all the saturday markets.

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    1. re: cervisiam

      I appreciate the info... It looks like I might be able to pick up from their farm with some ease thursday 4-6pm. If I can't, my inlaws live in Creedmoor, and we'll try to make them join! lol Have you tried them before?? For $12 a week for the couple price, this doesn't include the pork, beef, or egg options, right?? Do they only sell those at the Farmers market?? They also say you can choose each week...that sounds pretty cool....

      1. re: jonfrank604

        Brinkley's is great. We've used them the past few years with nothing but positive experiences. In the past, when they were available, you could ask for meat and eggs in your box but they take you through the $12 pretty fast.

        1. re: brokegradstudent

          for most CSAs, you don't know what you are going to get, which can be both good and not so good (if you are a control freak like me!). brinkley's emails you the week before what their availability is, and you do have control over what you get. so it's a very consumer friendly - you have the opportunity to try something new or different. if you go over your weekly 'allowance', you can just pay the difference at the pickup.

          they offer a wide variety of sausage products, stew beef, ground beef, chickens/chicken parts, eggs through the CSA. (again, availability varies week to week.) more expensive meat options are available at the farmer's market - pork shoulder, NY strip, etc. they also offer flour and, i believe, cornmeal.

          another feature which they have - if you will be out of town one week, you can, _with advance notification_, double up your share the week before or week after.

          there are so many positives about brinkley's, we've had several friends who have become brinkley CSA subscribers based upon our recommendations.

          but yes, give it a try, and see if a CSA works out for you and your lifestyle!

          1. re: cervisiam

            Great to see all the positive CSA comments, I have already signed up for this spring with Brinkleys.

            1. re: cervisiam

              The check is in the mail! Thanks for your help!

              1. re: cervisiam

                We belonged to Brinkley's before - for all the reasons you mention. The flexibility, getting a heads up on what to expect, etc. made it very enjoyable. Unfortunately, the closest p/u location became very difficult for us. If they had a p/u spot closer to us I'd join again in a heartbeat!

        2. Can anyone update this and post a list of CSAs and where they deliver and if they deliver to Chapel Hill/Carrboro instead of Durham.

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              Do a search on

              Just select the CSA option and use your zip code.

              NC State also has a listing:


              1. re: romansperson

                I'm the original poster..So, we did end up going with Brinkley and we still use it 3 seasons later...Their perfect for veggies, eggs, and great sausages..they also let you pick each week according to your allowance, we are very happy with them. Plus, there is now "Papa Spuds" which is sort of an online farmers market delivered to your house...they have everything from like 20 local farms and they bring it all to your house! We use both, because I'm addicted to Brinkley's meats and eggs & we get fruit, breads(awesome breads?), and they even just lots of fish. You can go to and look at their store. It works similar to have a weekly allowance but you can put it on hold or even cancel any week so there is no commitment...Both together is a beautiful thing!