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Feb 27, 2010 04:37 AM

bomba or arborio rice?

Anyone know a good and preferably not too expensive place to obtain bomba or arborio rice (for paella or risotto) in the general Rockville area? Alternately anyone know of a good online source? Thanks much!

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  1. Trader Joe's at Federal Plaza carries arborio rice.

    1. I 2nd Trader Joes for Arborio rice. Sur La Table has decent prices on Paella rices, Bomba and Calasperra. Unfortunately, Bomba is really expensive for rice. If you mail order it from La Tienda, the price goes down a lot, but it is still expensive for rice. On the other hand, the 2 kilo bags make a lot of paella. Even with the rice, I have found that making paella is not such an expensive dish and great for parties as it doesn't require that much effort. If you can chop and not burn things and you have the right ingredients (the rice, the saffron and the pimenton) you are set.

      1. There are a number of different arborio rice including violane nano, carneroli, etc. There are also a number of different producers and there is a real variance between what they provide. The real answer to this question depends on how serious you are and just how good of a risotto you want to make. For paella or arroz con pollo bomba is the only rice to consider. I would not use it in risotto.

        1. I get my arborio from Giant, its about five bucks for a largish bag.

          1. Is there a Whole Foods in Rockville? If so that's where I get my arborio rice. It comes in a medium sized resealable box/container. I use the Rice Select brand.