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Feb 27, 2010 04:28 AM

Cook's Illustrated website worth subscribing to?


Just wondered if people here think that this website is worth the money? Especially interested in hearing whether or not the recipes are consistently good? I don't know a lot about CI, but have come across references to recipes etc. and am curious.

Is there anything that makes this website stand out above others?

Good and not so good comments welcome.

  1. Ahhh I had searched before I posted but now see someone asked the very same question yesterday!

    1. I get the hard copy of the mag and watch the tv show on PBS all the time. I would say that it has a more than 75% rate of all recipes being good or great. The best part is they take the recipes apart tell tell you why they did what they did.
      The website has the same recipes and sometimes you just need to sign up for the old ones. Its the new ones they post that you need to buy.
      Its all good. Enjoy

      1. The website, show, magazines etc. that franchise puts out are all great IMHO.

        However, this is a better way to spend your money I think.


        1. As there's a very similar thread just recently posted, we're locking this one. Feel free to add to the conversation here: