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Feb 27, 2010 01:08 AM

Coffee question, electric coffee maker

How long can coffee, after brewing, sit on the heating element and still taste like something?

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  1. I have had all kinds of coffee makers through the years. I believe the question you are asking is about a "drip" coffee maker (Mr. Coffee, Melitta)? Anyway, if it is, then it would be a personal choice. I don't care for coffee after it sits out. Not because it goes bad, it just doesn't taste very good to me.
    When I was younger, I used my still beloved and put away Faberware Electric Perk. That coffee stayed hot and quite good for a long time. And it was strong too! I remember many Holidays, letting it sit for hours!

    1. My Krups coffee maker turns itself off after a while and I would assume that most coffee makers these days do the same. Not sure how long, exactly, but the cold coffee, reheated in microwave, never tastes fresh to me.

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        My coffee maker, a drip as mcel215 surmised, is a Techni Vorm and does not turn off w/o human interference.

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          I have a Techni Vorm, too. It has no warming plate, no auto shut off, just a thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot a long time, especially if I keep it filled with hot tap water overnight. Coffee cooked for hours on a plate seems undrinkable to me.

      2. For whatever reason, I have a very keen sense of taste for when my coffee has gotten "stewed" on the heating element. I think I read (maybe in CI?) that it usually takes about 6 minutes post-brewing for the coffee to heat to a point where it gets bitter. So I now put the coffee I don't pour right away in a thermos (can't seem to invest in one of those expensive carafes, but maybe I will one day).

        1. I preheat a carafe as I am brewing my morning pot of coffee and I pour it into the carafe as soon as it finishes even though my coffee pot shuts off 10 minutes after it finishes brewing.

          1. It just really shouldn't sit on heat. It's well worth it to get a thermos. And 99% of coffeemakers make crappy coffee, anyhow. We finally went to a thermos and a big Melitta at my last office, and dang, the quality of coffee improved dramatically.

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              techni-vorm with thermal carafe is the way to go

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                I love my Techni Vorm, and I'm pretty sure that no other electric drip approaches the quality of coffee it makes, but... It's VERY expensive. Too expensive for a lot of folks.