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Feb 27, 2010 12:40 AM

What to do with graham crackers?

Besides cheesecake crust and smores. I have a box of em that I'd like to clear out of my pantry in a more creative fashion.

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  1. Try dunking them in a glass of cold milk at bedtime.

    1. Make toffee. My mom used to do this from time to time. I don't have her exact recipe handy to recommend, but I googled and found dozens.

      Magic cookie bars are always good in my book (I'm a fool for sweetened condensed milk far more than toffee). ;)

      Icebox cake--pour vanilla pudding over a layer of graham crackers, then create another graham layer, top with chocolate pudding and dust with graham cracker crumbs. Childhood comfort dessert! You can throw bananas in the vanilla layer if that appeals.

      1. Here's a thread on graham cracker crumbs from last month - some good ideas here:

        Also, just read somewhere that someone eats them broken up with hot milk as a comfort-food snack/dessert. Can't say that sounds bad!


        1. You could make those no-bake peanut butter bars-- I think it's basically PB, butter, gc crumbs mixed, spread in a pan and then topped with melted chocolate. Probably lots of recipes online. Or make into crumbs, bag and freeze for later.

          1. Add them to pancake mix, pat french toast into them before putting in the skillet or how about put them into a regular pie crust 1/2 flour, half cracker crumbs). Also, frozen bananas dipped in chocolate or peanut butter then into the crumbs, strawberries dipped in marshmallow cream then into the crumbs,