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Feb 26, 2010 07:39 PM

Bakeshop in Arlington, Cupcakes

Wow, what great cupcakes. I love Georgetown Cupcakes, but these are up another level. They're small, super light and buttery. Had the coconut and the chocolate PB. A superb treat.

Located on Fillmore, right next to Artisan Confections and just down from American Flatbreads between 11th and 10th on N. Fillmore.

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  1. Really Steve? I did not feel like that at all, though i just tried the Vanilla and Red Velvet ones... because of your post I will give them another try.


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    1. re: helenahimm

      I hear you about Red Velevet, which I'm not particularly fond of anyway. But, yeah, try the others. DCdeb describes it well below, airy ..... AND buttery.

    2. I love their cupcakes. I am so glad that there is a retail location now. Before the store opened, they were known as Bakeshop DC and you ordered items for delivery. They are definitely my favorite cupcakes in town. The cake part is airy in texture and the frosting is not too heavy.

      There have been a number of discussions about them, including this one

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        I just had some disappointing ones from Furin's. I'm excited to give these a try, and wish they had them in MD.