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Feb 26, 2010 06:57 PM

Cakes On A Plane

Well, FOOD on a plane. Can anyone recommend a place in Manhattan that could cobble me up a nice movable feast to get me from JFK to LAX? Without salmonella? I was thinking a Katz's corned beef sandwich: it wouldn't last more than an hour or two into the you think that might work?

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  1. what airline are you flying? if it's Jet Blue, there are several restaurants in the terminal, and they have ordering screens set up so you can have the food delivered to you at the gate. or if you don't necessarily need a "meal," there are some passable options for snacks from the little Cibo markets and other shops.

    as far as it "lasting" if you bring something with you instead of buying on-site, you can just pack it in a little insulated lunch/travel bag.

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      1. No, no, I am the most considerate public eater in movies or on planes that ever ate...nothing EVER smelly or greasy. I am incredibly careful about that, since I hate it so much myself. I don't think a roast beef or corned beef sandwich and maybe some cheddar and saltines would bother anyone...

        I wasn't sure what the TSA regs were on insulated bags. I don't think you can bring those freezer gels to keep things cold? But just a bag by itself might be okay?

        And yes, it's JetBlue. I've only flown them short hops before (Buffalo, etc.) and didn't know what the food deal was for long-haul

        1. re: Miss Rennie

          There's an Au Bon Pain or equivalent in the Jet Blue terminal. Depending upon your neighborhood, you can take a sandwich from Nicola, or Todaro, or whatever good goumet place exists in your own neighborhood. I usually take something I buy in the Jet Blue terminal.

        2. THANK YOU for bringing that up. on a flight from NYC to San Diego last month i was stuck between greasy, fried McDonald's on one side and onion- and curry-laden pizza from CPK on the other. it was truly nauseating.

          fortunately i was headed straight home, because my clothes reeked from it too.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            It's disgusting, and people who commit such atrocities should be tossed off the plane or out of the theater. I had to force the flight attendant to reseat me one time, to get out of range of someone's sickening Mexican-looking glop.

            But I was hoping for some suggestions about what to bring on board that would keep for a few hours and keep me fed and NOT revolt my fellow passengers...anybody?

            1. re: Miss Rennie

              the sandwich should be okay. it won't spoil in a couple of hours, though it might get a bit soggy. and as far as respecting your fellow passengers, it's not fried, it's not fishy, it's not loaded with garlic or onion or some fermented condiment...just don't bring a pungent pickle along ;)

        3. In terms of convenience and courtesy, I've always thought that pizza was a great option. Most slices will do. Another good option is a cold sandwich without onions. Perhaps Lenny's? They layer your sandwiches so that the bread doesn't get soggy over time. I've always been open with my food but I understand how others would feel about smelly food in close quarters.

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          1. re: CantStopEating

            Well, that was the one good thing about airline food. Since it wasn't real food, it didn't smell,,,

          2. People who fly JetBlue frequently are used to seeing their fellow passengers bringing meals on board. It shouldn't be much of an issue for you. Anything you can pack as a lunch for work, that will keep for a few hours will work.

            Katz's is a hot sandwich, which needs to be eaten while warm. Sandwiches are a good idea though. I suggest a Garden of Eden sandwich on a hoagie, or Torrisi Italian Specialties. Cold noodles, or any cold salad is another good idea. A bagel and shmear, a Bahn Mi, anything that can sit out for a while and remain enjoyable lukewarm or cold. Jetblue are also very liberal with the snacks, and will leave the extras out in the flight attendants area. Depending on the time of the flight, I've survived the 6 hours on trail mix and other light items in addition to the blue chips.

            The Jetblue terminal has an assortment of last minute options. I prefer to pack my own meal.

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            1. re: sugartoof

              I usually go to Alidoro when I'm flying. The sandwiches are substantial, and the focaccia holds up great overnight.

            2. Isn't this a lot of effort to pick out a sandwich for a six hour flight?
              What kind of sandwiches do you like? Buy one of those.