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Feb 26, 2010 06:52 PM

Explain why Senor Fish doesn't get more love here.

It has good grilled fish tacos.

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  1. I think the answer is: no it doesn't.

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    1. re: cls

      Let me just say. I think Tacos Baja Ensenada is terrible. I don't like batter fried fish with mayonnaise sauce. Who has better fish tacos than Senor Fish in the style of Senor Fish?

      1. re: sillygoosedown

        I think you need to travel for that. Locally, I don't know, but I am sure others can point you in the right direction.

        1. re: sillygoosedown

          "Who has better fish tacos than Senor Fish in the style of Senor Fish?"

          What does that even mean? Do you also ask, "Who has better Big Macs than McDonald's in the style of McDonald's?"

          Go to Ricky's for fish tacos. Or if you need someplace with tables and seats, then go to The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            No batter. Senor Fish has tacos with grilled fresh fish. I want the best fish tacos that have no batter. Thx.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Mariscos Chente's smoked marlin taco :-)

                  1. re: joshekg

                    I'll second those marlin tacos!

                    1. re: joshekg

                      Went to MC's on Thursday - no marlin. Didn't know if they'd be getting any.

                      1. re: toitoi

                        Was there today; overheard the waitress tell another table they had it.

                  2. re: sillygoosedown

                    It's kind of like asking where's the best Americanized Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley.

                    1. re: martyR

                      Or, rephrased ... "Explain why PF Chang's doesn't get more love here"

                      1. re: martyR

                        Well so what if it is? If you like to eat greasy, substandard food and pride yourself on its authenticity, make yourself happy. I think most Mexican food in LA is utter crap. It's like McDonalds for Mexicans. Personally, I like grilled fish in my tacos. I couldn't care less if most Mexicans eat batter-fried cod drenched in mayonnaise. Most Americans eat McDonalds and McDonalds is crap. There we witness Chowhound's ethnic authenticity fallacy.

                        Senor Fish makes good fish tacos where you can actually taste the nuanced flavor of the fish. Alegria in Silver Lake does too. Both of these restaurants are far better than virtually all the authentic Mexican restaurants in LA.

                        1. re: sillygoosedown

                          What other authentic Mexican restaurants have you been to in Los Angeles that make Señor Fish and Alegria stand out?

                          1. re: Ernie

                            To be fair, Alegria is pretty darn good. I genuinely and without the least bit of flame recommend Alegria for inauthentic but flavorful and high-quality Mexican food.

                            The fish tacos at Senor Fish have been reasonably decent in the past. Maybe they still are. But man...I talked myself into going to Senor Fish today based on my recommendations in this thread...and it sucked dawg. I had a grilled shrimp and scallop burrito. The whole thing fell apart immediately. The shrimp and scallops were desiccated and tasteless. There was nothing commendable about the beans and rice; they were subpar. What a mess!

                            I guess the lesson don't listen to me!!

                            1. re: sillygoosedown

                              I commend you for puting your claim to the test. Sr. Fish is pretty bad for the Ensenada style fish, too.

                              Inauthentic Mexican? You are correct, it's Mexican-American, really more Cal-Mex cuisine at Alegria. It's upscale La Salsa. I understand some people want that, which is fine.

                              Again I think it's great you were honest about Sr. Fish, so perhaps you are willing to check out some of the Mexican restaurants here in town.

                              For seafood, Mariscos Chente is the best, be sure to get the pescado zarandeado, their signature item.

                              Try La Casita, Moles La Tia, Chichen Itza, Flor de Yucatan, Babita, La Huasteca(Rocio Camacho has just started cooking there-formerly of Mole La Tia), Antojitos Carmen, Birrieria Flor del Rio, Ricky's Fish Tacos, the Mariscos Jalisco truck in East LA, Antojitos de la Abuelita, Metro Balderas, etc..........

                              1. re: streetgourmetla

                                The pescado zarandeado at Mariscos Chente is outstanding. That restaurant is right up my alley.

                                Chichen Itza--not my tastes. Babita: overrated IMO.

                                1. re: sillygoosedown

                                  Chichen Itza, is it the cuisine of the resto? Maybe Flor de Yucatan?

                                  1. re: streetgourmetla

                                    I only went once. I thought it was meh. I'll try again though...not fair to give a restaurant like that just one opportunity. At least it's cheap.

                                    Also, to be clear, I went to the Mercado la Paloma location, not Macarthur Park.

                                    1. re: sillygoosedown

                                      I didn't love Chichen Itza either, although I also only gave it one try. Sadly, the Macarthur Park location closed down.

                                      1. re: mollyomormon

                                        There are solid items at Chichen Itza, and now Gilberto Cetina is at the La Paloma location full time, since the closing of the MacArthur Park restaurant. Flor would be my first choice though.

                          2. re: sillygoosedown

                            Actually. McDonald's for Mexican is.......McDonald's.

                          3. re: martyR

                            Americanized Chinese?
                            Owner of Senior Fish was involved in co-running Chop Suey Cafe (formerly Far East Cafe) in it's reincarnation.

                  3. The original comment has been removed
                    1. Yeah, but so does Señor Baja, and it's good (although the fish isn't grilled).

                      1. re: Robert Thornton

                        Señor Baja sounds reasonable, and not nearly as silly.

                    2. I like Senor Fish. I actually tried it because of recommendations on this board a year or two ago. I have been to the Eagle Rock, South Pas and Little Tokyo locations. My favorite one is the one in Little Tokyo. It is big, with cool art on the walls, and it seems like the menu there is more extensive. I got a taco plate there recently, and it was great. My friend got these things (forgot the name) that were like corn cakes topped with meat, lettuce, cheese and salsa. The salsa bar is good. They have plenty of sauces and toppings to choose from.

                      Right now, my latest kick is taco trucks. There is one in Pas called LA Place that I like a lot.

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                      1. re: katkoupai

                        Corn cakes sounds like sopes to me.

                        1. re: katkoupai

                          I've only been to the Little Tokyo location. I always order the grilled fish sampler, which comes with three tacos of your choice of grilled fish (e.g., salmon, yellowfish, seabass).

                        2. i like senor fish quite a bit. but - i can't really rave about it because of the price. i find that i can never get out of there for under $10 when it is really an under $10 type of place.

                          also, the service is absolutely unpredictable. sometimes, i get my food right away. sometimes i wait thirty minutes and have to ask over and over again when it will be ready. meanwhile, the people i'm with have either gotten their food and eaten it. or, insist on waiting for everyone to get their food before eating. both are awkward situations that do not enhance a good dining experience. everyone leaves kind of in a funk and not like - wow, that was a great meal! even though the food was perfectly tasty.

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                          1. re: nachosaurus

                            It is disconcerting to say the least when it seems like playing roulette whether or not you get your food. I find the opposite is true at Dino's on Pico. Even when it's a mad house and you give your order to the guy behind the counter and it seems like he'll never remember you when he's got like 20 ravenous people hovering around the counter waiting for their orders he somehow keeps it all straight and you get your food in a timely, predictable and fair fashion. I love it when apparent chaos comes together.

                          2. i LOVE senor fish. i go to the eagle rock location about 3 times a month. the seafood quesadilla and the seven seas soup are two of my favorite items along with the scallop burrito. additionally, i love their potato tacos and their tofu tacos are pretty darn good for when i don't feel like eating fish. great chips and salsa/guacamole. i'm a huge fan of this place. always fresh too.

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                              1. re: Clyde

                                I love Senor Fish too and I think it does get some love on the board, particularly when people are looking for Mission-style burritos. I'm not an expert on Mission-style, but the burritos at Senfor Fish are a very good approximation of the ones I've tried up north. Definitely try that scallop burrito if you want to switch it up. I'm also interested to hear about the seven seas soup.

                                1. re: mollyomormon

                                  seven seas soup: it's a redish broth- not spicy just a hint of a 'kick' to it. it is filled with carrots, celerey, scallops, shrimps, crab(imitation i think), some other type of fish, clams, mussels i believe, and a bunch of crab legs you gotta rip into. i always get it to go and it is so large it comes in two containers, one for all the crab legs with some additional soup. it also comes with a side of onions, cilantro, and some other stuff, as well as your choice of corn or flower tortillas. it's a bunch of food.