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Feb 26, 2010 05:41 PM

August's degustation menu, anyone tried it?

My father met Chef Michael Gullota last night at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival's Patron event, and drunkenly called me to insist on patronizing August for my much anticipated birthday dinner next week (My student's budget doesn't really allow for frequent exciting dining). But dad's footing the bill so, I was wondering if anyone had tried the wine pairing menu? Overrated or worth the $175? Thanks in advance for any insight! -c

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  1. I've never been to August, but posts in other threads have suggested that their degustation is one of the best meals in town. If I had $200 to blow, that's the first place I would eat.

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      a friend went a year or two ago and said it was the best meal hes ever had.

    2. It has probably been too long ago now, but we did it and loved every dish. The servers did not do it justice, as they kept pointing out how long it would take. Well, we're very used to 4 hour meals, and it was worth the investment in time.

      Then, my only complaint was the "sommelier's parings," but he has since been replaced, and others have sung the praises of the replacement. Have not been able to fit them in the recent schedules, so I have zero personal experience.

      There should be a review still around, but I think that it was about 2+ years ago. It was part of a "post K" dining review, with maybe a dozen restaurants.

      Good luck, and please let me know how the "sommelier's pairings" are now.



      1. Yes I went last spring and will be bringing my Mother back for her 70th in is worth every penny, and since your Dad is springing it is really worth it.

        1. One of my absolute favorite restaurants ANYWHERE in the United States . . . definitely worth it (if -- and it's a big IF -- you're a "foodie").

          1. i just went crazy and posted an absurdly long and unnecesarrily detailed account of my meal at August if anyone is interested in follow up! You were all right, totally worth it.



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              Great post and glad you enjoyed it so much. I am going back in a couple of weeks to celebrate my Mom's 70th and now I really can't wait after reading your review. That pork dish sounds incredible!

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                No food review is "unnecessarily detailed." That is the way we want it. The more detail, the better. Now, some of us know some of the other subscribers, and have built a mental dossier of their particular tastes. We can "read between the lines" for them. Otherwise, knowing the details is always helpful. This transcends just the food to the service, the wine list/service and the ambiance (don't let the CH team know that some of us care about the total dining experience).

                Thanks for posting.