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Feb 26, 2010 04:28 PM

Restaurant Week in Austin

Who has reservations for Restaurant Week? Will my fellow chowhounds please report back? I'm hitting Green Pastures and Paggi House. Never been to either one. Any can't miss spots this year?

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  1. How far in advanced do you need to reserve? I'm thinking of Jeffrey's and the Driskoll.

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      Most restaurants take a limited amount of "rest week" specific reservations. I'll bet those two will be very popular. I'd do it asap!

    2. are any of the restaurants that are participating open today for ARW, or just normal hours?

      1. I went to Green Pastures last night. It was so good! My BF got the lobster tail for the appetizer and it was bigger than I thought it would be. I had the soup, sandwich, and snack appetizer with the brie grilled cheese sandwhich. I think that sandwich was the best thing I've ever eaten - seriously.

        I'm going highly recommend Green Pastures this year because I thought at $25 it was a heck of deal.

        1. I've got reservations for Kona Grill on Sunday night, but I'm waffling. I make it a rule not to do sushi/seafood on Sundays, because I was told there aren't deliveries on Sundays. Is that still true? I would think Kona would be doing their best to get repeat business, but selling old sushi wouldn't be wise. What are your thoughts?