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Feb 26, 2010 03:01 PM

Serendipity - Have to go, what to eat?

My mom is dying to go. She knows it's overrated, cliche, not worth it, and everything else, but she really wants to go just for the experience. Whatever - the small town-ness in me understands her.... : )

A few questions:
1) If I am in for more than frozen hot chocolate, what should we order?
2) If I am in for only hot chocolate, any tricks on timing of when to go?

Appreciate that most of the folks on here have stepped in there once, if ever, so thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide.


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  1. The frozen hot chocolate. The foot-long hot dog. Last time I went, they had a nice chicken dish with sliced peppers in a tasty sauce. The food isn't top of the gastronomic line, but it was fine for what it was.

    It's hideously crowded at all times,but afternoons post-lunch aren't that bad. Sometimes I've walked right in.

    1. I think it's always going to be pain in the butt to go there but it's worth it if someone really wants to have the experience. It's really nice of you Coleyas! I've always been a sucker for the chocolate black out cake.

      1. i think you'll enjoy it more if you shed your preconceived notions about the place. i'm gonna say something and the board won't like it. I like Serendipidity. I think it's just fine. The whole "too touristy" thing has to stop. It's like Deadheads that hate "Touch of Grey" just because it got some radio play. It's a good song and Serendipity serves a good dessert.

        I'm not sure what you mean when you say it's not worth it. Desserts are on average about $8.00. The ones that are more are big enough to be shared. I like the Carrot Cake or Blackout Cake, but first-timers are in it for the Frozen Hot Chocolate.

        Could you have a better dessert elsewhere? Sure, but once it's finished, it's done. Your mother wants to go to a place with some history and will have the memory long after the last bite.

        Concerning the wait time and assuming you're just going for dessert (they do take reservations if you're eating there), I suggest walking by, putting your name on the list, eating elsewhere and then returning for dessert once significant time has past. Dylans Candy on the corner of 60th & 3rd should help kill some time and doesn't fail to impress.

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          I don't happen to think it serves a good dessert, period. Forget about the price point or the wait or the attitude. But I do think your advice on going somewhere else for dinner and returning for dessert if one must is spot on.

        2. I used to get a warm chicken salad or open faced chicken sandwich - the bread has raisins in it and not sure what ese (this was years ago when I went with my grandmother!)... dressing was served on the side, or maybe I just asked for it that way?

          1. When I went a few years ago (before I lived here), I recall there being a minimum per person charge. I just wanted to share the frozen hot chocolate but had to order something else in order for the bill to meet the minimum, which I thought kinda sucked because the other dessert was just plain bad. The frozen hot chocolate didn't do it for me either, and I LOVE everything chocolate. I know you have to go because your mom wants to go, but just be aware that you can't go to share the frozen hot chocolate (they really are huge, but if she's been dying to go she probably wants her own anyway).

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            1. re: Jess321

              Minimum is $8 or $8.50. I think if you order a frozen hot chocolate each, you satisfy the minimum. I had a friend visiting from West Coast who went there and she said it was worth it, then again she's not a Chowhound type so to each to his/her own. A couple of hours (including the wait) out of your life -- not a huge loss.

              Timing-wise, this may be one of those perpetually crowded place. I've never not seen a line snaking out on the street no matter what time or what day I walked by.