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Feb 26, 2010 02:57 PM

Looking for an anise-y liqueur less sweet than samuca but common in pubs and bars

Lately when going out, I've been ordering sambuca on ice. I love the anise, but wish it wasnt so, so sweet. Any recs on what I can order instead?

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  1. Pastis (Pernod and Ricard are common brands) or ouzo.

    1. Absinthe. Ask for it with no sugar and look for a more botanical, less sweet brand like St. George.

      1. All good answers.

        Absinthe is another animal, because it combines anise flavor with some complex slightly bitter undertones. It is also about $70/bottle and 70% alcohol, so it might be pricey in a bar.

        I recently had Ricard with some soda. Refreshing. A little lime is interesting, too.

        It's best if you try not to recall Paragoric from your childhood. :)

        I know that both Pernod and Ricard are owned by the same company. Can anyone contrast them?

        1. Here's a link with some interesting info on the characteristics of anise-products including their alcohol and SUGAR content, dilution, etc. Based on what's listed there, it's evident that you might have to seek out alternatives like Anice Forte, Anici Lattanti, Mastic of Chio, or Anesone.

          Look -->

          1. thank you! testing these will be a fun spring project.