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Feb 26, 2010 02:54 PM

Grace Garden - Good news?

Reposting from the "Grace Garden Closed" thread.

A friend reports that he called Grace Garden, and was told by the chef that they hope to reopen next week Tuesday or Wednesday. I have not personally confirmed anything or followed up any further, but assuming that estimate is even close to accurate, this is very good news.

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  1. Great news- I spoke with them today- Grace Garden is going to reopen tomorrow!

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    1. The Web site claims they open today, and the caution tape and posted bills were gone when I swung by last night. I'm planning to go, with a few other foodies. Feel free to come over and ask to try our food. :-| We may also try to go on Monday or Tuesday... or both!

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        My husband, who is Chinese and I went to Grace Garden tonight and were greeted with bright smiles from Mei and Chef Li. They are happy to be back doing what they do so well.

        The restaurant also sported a fresh coat of paint. The color is more appealing than the previous white walls. They have not had time to put all their pictures, etc on the wall yet but the atmosphere is improved by the new color. Chef Li worked very hard to get the place in order doing much of the work himself. And secondarily he lost his koi fish and some live coral he had at home due to temperature problems.

        Our dinner consisted of : szechuan fish with lots of wonderful szechuan blossom peppercorns (not a true peppercorn), pork belly in spice sauce, tender and young pea sprouts with garlic sauce and eggplant (tonight too much batter and very thinly sliced eggplant). Over all not up to their previous level of deliciousness. But I'm certain he will get there.