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Feb 26, 2010 01:58 PM

Bombay Bistro downtown Minneapolis

looking for any feedback pro or con.

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  1. As starting points, here is what the search function turned up:

    The quick summary is that there are recommendations for the lunch buffet. There are two locations, nearly adjacent, that serve different menus; the one in the Medical Arts building seems to be preferred.

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    1. re: KTFoley

      The Mehtas do a nice job with lunch. The Medical Arts building features Southern and Northern Indian. It's good - occasionally very good - but, because it's a lunch buffet, never "blow your mind great." Definitely a great place for an Indian fix!

    2. Haven't eaten there lately, but walked by... curious: why are they serving both Indian and Mexican food now? I generally have suspicions about restaurants that try to cover more than one cuisine.

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      1. re: Curly57

        What Mexican food are they serving? I don't see anything on their menu to indicate that.

        1. re: Curly57

          There's a (new-ish) La Loma location across the hall from Bombay Bistro in the Medical Arts bldg. Maybe they're sharing advertising space? That's the only Mexican connection I can think of.

        2. In my opinion, it's fine, but not great. We were there for dinner one night. Nice atmosphere, service was middling. Fairly good spice blends, and nice fry jobs on the pakoras and samosas, but nothing that really blew us away. There are a lot of places in the Cities that do a decent, but not great, job with Indian, and this is one of them. It's not as good as Gandhi Mahal, in my opinion.

          That said, it may be your best bet in downtown (definitely better than Dancing Ganesha), though I've heard great things about Copper Pot, if you're willing to go further. Haven't been there myself, but the rumors are that it's really strong.