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Feb 26, 2010 01:54 PM

Squab in Astoria

Anyone know of any butchers in Astoria or hereabouts that sell squab?


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  1. Don't know...but I always go to this market on Mott St....about half a block south of Grand (forget the name) for very fresh squab, $8.99 a piece...Excellent quality, but you have to clean them yourself.

    1. Try the live poultry houses in your hood. I know there are several in Astoria, but don't have details.

      I go to Bismillah in Woodside since it's within walking distance. They have pigeon, assuming that's what you mean by squab. Call first.

      Bismillah Live Poultry
      37-15 55th St, Queens, NY 11377

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      1. re: Joe MacBu

        Squab is baby pigeon is too tough to use for anything other than soup. Even squab can be tough from the wrong source...I bought some squab from that locavore butcher in the chelsea tiny as they were, they were inedibly tough. I was told later that they were "free range".

      2. I didn't check out either of the live poultry places in Astoria, but I ducked into a number of butchers to inquire. International Meat Market on 30th Ave., an all-around excellent butcher, didn't have squab, but said they could get it with a few days' notice. They also had a number of other unusual poultry, such as poussin, pheasant, and goose.

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          I ended up needing squab for a holiday dinner this past fall and was able to find it via D'Artagnan ( I ended up getting it from Eataly since I was in a pinch and was able to make a same-day reservation over the phone. Hope this helps.