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Feb 26, 2010 12:52 PM

Food Around Somers and Mahopac?

Despite growing up around the area I do not know much about the food around Somers and Mahopac and I find myself house sitting with nowhere to eat. I am looking for food around the area that won't run me more that about $15. Any cuisine is fine. My favorite places are the tiny places that most people would drive by without noticing. Thanks for the help.

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  1. It's been awhile, but when I was there:

    The giant slice at the pizza place in Goldens Bridge. Takeout from Il Forno, their calzones are very good. Chinese (some hate it here) at Imperial Wok.

    I know of a good Mexican place on Route 6 and a good burger place on the lake, but can't remember the name of either. A barbeque place (used to be a German restaurant), also on Route 6 iirc.

    Jaipore used to have a good buffet brunch that wasn't too expensive.

    If all else fails, the bagels and pastries in the shopping center near the Elephant Hotel.


      The food is very good, especially at its price point. And right in Mahopac.

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        The Blazer Pub in Purdy's and Jaipores Lunch Buffet during the week is $10.95

      2. Holy Smoke BBQ in Mahopac (Route 6N).

        Dante's Trattoria in the A&P shopping center in Mahopac. Good red sauce Italian, large portions. I saw someone else recommended Gino's, I haven't been there in a while but they were also good.

        The pizza is good at Pepinos in the Stop & Shop shopping center (on the Rt 118 side next to Sunday). There is also a Chinese buffet place there that isn't particularly good.

        Not too far away, Thai Golden on Rt 6 in Carmel, also there is a Chinese place right before it on 6 that is probably better than the stuff in Mahopac.

        1. if you're looking for sandwiches? Edwin's in yorktown is very dependable deli, lots of food for a good price.

          Portofino is the name of the Golden's Bridge pizza place, much better than Pepino's in my opinion

          In Somers town center, there is a little used to be an independent cafe Stomping Grounds that had some good sandwiches but were constantly running out of items for some reason. Now it's Tazza or something? Part of some chain started in Pleasantville or Millwood? I haven't tried it yet, what do people think?

          I find that there are a suprising number of little small places to eat in somers, but the turn over rate for anything that isn't pizza or chinese is crazy.

          Does anyone remember that place Ideas Sushi? Or some shop in the LIncolndale Center near the Superdeli next to Julie's nails called Saratoga, or something like that?

          2024 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040