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Feb 26, 2010 12:41 PM

Any recent feedback about Lucille's BBQ in Long Beach?

I love BBQ but hate disappointment. Consequently, I stick to my favorites and rarely venture out. I love Phillip's and Bludso's but have been invited to Lucille's BBQ in Long Beach this evening. What do I need to know?

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  1. When the restaurant first opened in Brea it was an utter disappointment. However, a few months ago I had one of their salads that was both gorgeous and delicious.

    1. I'd skip it if Phillip's and Bludso's are your reference points. Lucille's is pure corporate chain que, so you'll be disappointed big time.

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        Lucille's isn't as bad as they say...they do slow smoke their meats and their bisquits are great.

        Phillips and Bludso's are great but you can't really "dine" there. Had the $25 BBQ sampler for lunch at Bludso's the other day for lunch. Ate it in the back outside next to the parking lot. Working on the leftovers for the fourth time tonight.

      2. Phillip's and Bludso's it ain't, but it's not inedible either. Go in with your expectations pegged and you'll be happier. I prefer their Lucille's Rib Shack concept across from the Crystal Cathedral. Same food, quicker service, much cheaper—and they have surprisingly good brown beer.

        1. as far as the meats go, stick with the tri-tip. everything else is not so good. lucille's is more about sugar than it is about meat.

          1. Lucille's was actually my go to place for BBQ while I was living in Long Beach. That is until Beachwoods bbq moved into Seal Beach. Now I only go there when I'm in the area. Lucille's is definitely one of the better options around Long Beach, but by no means the best (which would be Bludso's).