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Feb 26, 2010 12:06 PM

ISO seafood west of Falls Church

I'm looking for a seafood restaurant (or a general restaurant that also serves good seafood) west of Falls Church. Specifically, we're interested in a lunch menu that might include fried oyster po'boys, fish and chips, lobster rolls, etc. We like Hank's but don't want to drive in to Alexandria or take metro to Dupont Circle. Is there anything in Herndon or Reston or Leesburg? Thanks!

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  1. PassionFish in Reston is a great seafood restaurant that you should definitely check out.

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    1. re: Bob W

      Wow - we just checked their menu. Thanks so much. This is exactly what we're looking for (can't believe I forgot about PassionFish).

      1. re: meem

        PFish is excellent and has different types of fresh fish flown in daily. The fried clams and fried oysters are great. However, the dinner menu is more extensive than lunch (with far more fresh fish entress) but lunch offers a great deal fo $15 on a featured menu item.

        Sushi is the best in NoVa next to Tachibana. Superb.