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Feb 26, 2010 11:02 AM

Anyone tried Frietkot?

I was surfing around noticed a blurb about a trailer that is serving Belgian style fries. Has anyone tried this out? Here's a link to their facebook page which is about all the info I could find.

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  1. Not yet, but I plan to try them when I'm out and about during SXSW (which is the only time I'm ever down in that area after dark!).

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    1. re: bookgrrl72

      It's an arm of Lovejoy's Heavy Industries. Located to the left of the bar as you walk out the front door.

    2. Had the chance to try Frietkot last week.

      The fries are excellent. Perfect. Yummalicious. Golden, hot from the fryer, sprinkled with sea salt.

      The mayo though, isn't so hot. In fact, it's not really mayo, but more of a sour cream / mayo blend that tastes more like salad dressing than real mayo. Geez, guys. I want a REAL aioli with my fries, homemade mayo with fresh garlic (not roasted). I can show you how to make mayo, really, I can. Just let me know ;-)

      1. I found that they were underdone and didn't have that crispy exterior, creamy interior that great Belgian fries have, it was damn close though, less than a minute more in the frier would have done it. I got the bacon aioli on their recommendation, not that great.

        1. Tried them about a week ago, gotta say I wasn't impressed, they were greasy, overcooked and worst of all I think the oil was had that bitter taste. Best I can say is I thought they were seasoned well.