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better-for-you spreads for bread

I've just started baking bread again, courtesy of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day - so now we've got warm, crusty and delicious bread around the house ALL THE TIME. To make the indulgence a little healthier than it is when spread with sweet butter, I'm thinking of delving into the world of veggie- and other healthy spreads that satisfy as butter substitutes. Along the lines of NYC Josie's Restaurant's sweet potato-tahini spread, which they offer with bread before meals. Any ideas appreciated. Here's a link to a version of the Josie's spread, which I find delicious: http://www.purcellsisters.com/node/42...
thanks for the help!

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  1. not sure if this is on the same line but I love hummus on good toast, as well as a great black bean spread.

    1. Cottage cheese blended with scallions, fresh herbs, and a bit of garlic
      Roasted peppers, garlic, grilled eggplant, and olives pureed with a little olive oil
      White beans pureed with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and basil

      1. Green pea and carmelized onion spread. tuscan white bean, muhumarrah (not low cal, but walnut are good for you), curried carrot, lots with cottage cheese, quark or ricotta...

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          love all your suggestions. the muhammara is right up our alley - yum! would you mind posting suggestions on the pea/onion suggestion, and the carrot/curry? just veg. purees w/a little flavoring, or is there something else going on? I love that little funkiness that comes from adding tahini to the sweet potato in the josie's spread - sounds like the onion and curry do that in your ideas - anyway, details appreciated and thanks so much.

        2. I have consciously avoided that book b/c I'd be eating bread all the time if I had the good stuff around the house . . . you're a strong woman. And I love that Josie's spread - forgot about that stuff, haven't been there in years.

          What about:

          a little ricotta, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of chopped nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, watever you like)
          When the tomatoes get good, a schmear of cream cheese/cottage cheese, a slice of tomato and salt & pepper
          Unsweetened apple butter
          Peanut butter and banana/apple slices/raisins
          White beans pureed w/garlic & olive oil
          Hummus and halved Kalamata olives


          1. Have been on an Eggplant caponata kick lately...Absolutely delicious alone or especially with a nice crusty bread.


            1. Homemade hummus. Or just plain white bean spread (i.e. no tahini). Pureed black beans. Mashed avocado, with a little lime and salt if you like. Plain yogurt strained to desired thickness (paper towel over a fine-mesh strainer works fine if you don't want to mess with cheesecloth), left as is or spiked with minced cilantro or scallion or cucumber or roasted red pepper or whatever strikes your fancy.

              And lastly, I might get ridiculed for this, but I'm fond of a vegan spread by the name of Vegenaise.

              Just realized you were looking for items to spread on plain bread and most of these are things I use as healthier replacements for mayo in sandwiches. Sorry!

              1. Adding to what was mentioned upthread. These are NOT all healthy suggestions in this reply, but they are capable of making a good loaf of bread disappear.

                Baba ganoush
                Kaymak, and/or Ajvar
                Cream cheese drizzled w/ honey
                Tomato sauce w/ grated cheese

                1. like caponata, a bit of Ratatouille (pureed a tad or not)

                  Quark mixed with roasted garlic, chives and herbs of choice

                  Second recs for using cottage cheese as a base

                  Steamed (really well done) cauliflower, pureed with cooked onions or leeks, garlic, and herbs of choice (can also mix in some fat free cream cheese if desired). I sometimes do a spread with broccoli as a base as well.

                    1. thank you so much for all these great ideas! Unfortunately this means we will be eating still more bread...
                      i also found a nice idea for carrot/miso spread here: http://justbento.com/handbook/johbisa... - haven't tried this yet, but sounds nice to use up those winter CSA carrots in the produce bin.
                      one more question - how about veg-based spreads with miso? any ideas?
                      again thank you so much for all these yummy ideas... I need to get cracking!