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Feb 26, 2010 10:37 AM

Plano/Richardson Italian Recommendations

Looking for a nice place for Italian in the Richardson/Plano area. I have eaten at several places, but was wondering what your recommendations are.

Seems everyone raves about Covino's in Plano and I had it and thought it was good but not fantastic. Have eaten at Paesano's off of 15th in Plano as well and found it good but not great.

Any hidden gems out there I'm just overlooking?

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  1. Picasso's at Coit/Legacy is awesome and very affordable. I really love Brio at bethany/75 (I know it's a chain, but it's good). BUT, my favorite by far is Isabella's at 121/Legacy.

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      I've always wondered about Brio, it looks decent from the outside. Is it any good? I didn't realize it was a chain.

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        Brio is very good, i went about a week ago and had the artichoke crusted tenderloin medallions. It is served with a mushroom marsala sauce, really, really good stuff.

    2. Haven't really had anything amazing in Plano/Richardson yet but there are some decent places. They are mostly neighborhood places instead of destination dining. I don't actually go out for Italian much since I prefer cooking it myself (only the best places cook pasta properly) but here's a list of my experiences:

      I tried Paesano's on the strength of google reviews and found the food outright horrible. Bitter, sour minestrone (and it wasn't from dandelions and lemon juice), coagulated alfredo sauce, gummy pasta.

      Italia Village (Coit & Spring Creek) has been ok to great on visits (had an amazing ribeye once). Mostly ok. Sweet basil flavored tomato sauce is what I remember most from my visits.

      Picasso's is solid as well. Feels like a friendly family place and there seem to be plenty of local regulars. I think it's BYOB. The food I had was well prepared and I don't recall anything negative about the place. There are other Picasso's around DFW and I don't tihnk this is related to any of them.

      Besa's in Richardson (Jupiter&Lookout) is another local spot. Office workers visit for lunch and then the locals come for dinner. The stromboli's are what my co-workers order the most and they come puffed up, hot from the oven, looking like a football. A dinner visit was completely packed and the food was good. I've also gone when it was completely deserted but the manager has always been friendly.

      Maggiano's (Park&Tollway) is good for larger groups (eat family style). I know it's a corporate chain but I think it's well executed. Buca Di Bepo is similar but the one time I've eaten there it was a ridiculous wait for awful food.

      Patrizio (Preson&Park) might be worth a look. It's been hit and miss so I haven't really tried it all that much. It's pricier and nicer than the neighborhood places.

      Bene Bene (Frankford & Tollway) is supposed to be very good but I usually end up at Sushi Robata when I'm there so I haven't tried.

      Scalini (Jupiter & George Bush) was pricey and awful on my visit.

      There's also Carabbas and Macaroni Grill which are decent chains. And the not ok chains of Olive Garden and Spaghetti Warehouse. And a few dozen pizza places (Fireside and Ferrari would probably be the tops).

      There are a few places in East Plano that seem to be favorably reviewed but I haven't made it out there yet. Hope this helps.

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        Second on Italia Village

        Definitely neighborhood restaurant not destination dining. But you asked for a 'nice place'. So I am going to translate that meaning great food but fancy atmosphere not needed.

        I've been here many times (5-10) and would go much more often if it were closer. Haven't had a bad meal and several times have had a great meal. Prices are reasonable and whatever the daily special is my recommendation.

        The nice part is the owner (and cook) is half Italian and half Greek so if you someone in the party is thinking Greek Salad or Gyro you've got great choices here too.

        Italia Village Restaurant Pizzaria - 6205 Coit Rd Ste 376 Plano, TX

        Italia Village Restaurant Pizzaria
        6205 Coit Rd Ste 376, Plano, TX 75024

      2. Aboca's - SW corner of Belt Line & Central in Richardson. It's BYOB but the food is very good.

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          In addition to Aboca's, there's also Cafe Amore' on Coit in Richardson and a branch in Plano. Excellent family run "red sauce" Italian restaurants. And, both are, BYOB!

        2. I'm a great fan of Carrabba's. Next door to Maguire's on the East side of the Tollway at Trinty Mills. Great Italian food! Their shrimp scampi is, to die for!

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            twin, normally you would be smacked for mentioning a chain, but I like carrabbas. I have only had the mussels. They are pretty delicious.

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              LOL, 'Dude, I'll say it again. SHRIMP SCAMPI! OMG, good!

          2. Fino's Bistro - NW corner of Parker and Midway in Plano (BYOB)
            Ferrari's - SW corner of Tennyson and Preston in Plano (beer and wine)