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Feb 26, 2010 10:35 AM

Franky & Johnny's Seafood Outlet

Went there the other day...just off the 5, Stadium Way exit. They converted a gas station and now it's outfitted as a seafood place. It's mainly a retail place (with wholesale prices) with a large variety of items from different parts of the world...plenty of gorgeous shellfish and the price of the huge fillet of tuna made me do a doubletake (sorry, I don't remember what it was but it was pretty unbelievable...made me want to make the peppered tournadoes of tuna from the Patina cookbook...and it would've served at least 10 people). You can find cheaper tilapia at the Filipino stores but the prices of other stuff were definitely on the low side. The ready-to-bake tray of Su Boereg (phyllo-like pastry stuffed with cheese) in the freezer looked like a perfect thing for a party.

They set up a BBQ grill outside and you can order the daily special (or combo). I got some perfectly-cooked trout and orange roughy, with beautiful grill marks and a smoky flavor. It came with a side of tangy purple cabbage slaw (perfect amount of mustard flavor and slight hint of dill), potato salad and toasted french baguette. They even carry elderflower soda! The ginger beer has a great kick but I didn't care for the blood orange drink.

Johnny Nalbandian, one of the owners, was very warm and welcoming and funny. I was about to take the fish back to work, to eat at my desk but he insisted that I sit at one of the picnic tables outside and take a break, saying, "It's not worth it." My dad always tells me the same thing.

Franky & Johnny's Seafood Outlet
1633 Riverside Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90031

(323) 223-4740

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  1. Thanks for the review, we just past it last week and was wondering about it.

    1. Price of lunch is about $15 after you include a drink and tax.

      I had a combo plate of grilled trout and arctic char. The fish was good but I did not care for their red cabbage at all. It comes with a small baguette but no butter.

      1. I checked out the place when they first opened and was surprised almost everything was frozen and maybe three fresh seafood offerings like mussels, clams and something else.

        1. It's back up - though Franky went on to other ventures, so it's Fisherman Johnnys over in Studio City (sort of near Universal City) just off Ventura and Lankershim.

          Johnny also added a co-op with the nearby Deli, so there are more meat and snacking offerings now. Same 7 days a week - same website. Same Johnny!

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            Give me something positive to check out. Basically a sandwich and snack place?
            I wasn't impressed by their frozen seafood offerings before.