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Feb 26, 2010 10:16 AM

Fresh Sour Cherries

I thought I'd jump on this before sour cherries come in season. During the very short window that they are available, where can I find fresh sour cherries in the Bay Area?


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  1. last year berkeley bowl had balatons for about a month

    1. I once saw them at Milk Pail Market in Mountain View.

      1. Yes, Berkeley Bowl had them an unusually long time last year.

        Talk to the cherry vendors at your local farmers markets when cherries first reach the market. Many have them, but not a lot. They usually reserve the for those who ask.

        CJ Olson in Sunnyvaley also has them, but again it is by request.

        1. The season's not that short except for local orchards. I found some from Washington last July at a Persian store in Concord:

          And saw them in August at the Berkeley Bowl:

          Some reports from past years:

          1. I bought mine from Lagier Ranch last year. (Ferry Plaza Farmers Market + others)