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Feb 26, 2010 09:30 AM


I'm going with a friend to the Lazy Ox Canteen and was looking for some feedback from people who've been there. Is it worth the seemingly high prices? Anything on the menu that I shouldn't miss or should avoid? I'd appreciate CHrs thoughts here.

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  1. there has been several posts on it...just search lazy ox canteen. personally loved the cod brandade fritters.. the pot roast also delicious.

    1. I'd detour and head on over to Bottega Louie. That's my Lazy Ox Canteen suggestion.

      Sorry, I had a less then average experience both with the food and service for the price being paid but the coffee and dessert is good. Go to Bottega Louie and you'll get good food, service, coffee, and dessert all in one place with a staff who cares about their patrons.

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        Could not disagree more with this, WADR. Lazy Ox is good if you're in the area and the food quality is much better than Bottega Louie.

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          can't comment on the food at lazy ox, but absolutely must respectfully disagree w/ mrshankly's recommendation of bottega louis.

        2. I think it's worth trying just to try, but I'm not too huge of a fan. You should definitely make reservations at this point though. It's been crazy since they got a great review in the LA Times.

          1. I've been twice and liked the moroccan beef jerky, the egg pasta, the pot roast, and the rice pudding. FWIW, it's a completely different thing from Bottega Louie, but I like Lazy Ox better than Bottega Louie

            1. ask for Rolando as a server..he's awesome and is really knowledgeable because he also works at the Sage mtn farms where all the produce is procured. Plus, you might see him at the hollywood farmers market as well!